Second Eve and Mary Magdalene: Further Implications for the Wife of Messiah

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Second Eve and Mary Magdalene

APOLOGIES. In my last Miryam of Migdal update, I expounded upon her association with Lilith intending to take you to the ultimate conclusion. Eve. There are two of them in the Bible so far as my estimation goes. Eve One and Eve Two is what I sometimes like to call them, though as you know, I’d much prefer her far more beautiful Hebrew name, Chuah. From here on out, that is what I shall call her then, Second Chuah. Everything I was trying to point you to some dozen or two pages ago when covering the topic of Lilith leads directly down this road. Lilith had it out for A’dam as well as the children of A’dam but then what do you suppose her thoughts were towards Chuah? We’re talking a woman scorned on a level 10 Biblical scale. It’s why I had stated that I didn’t think Miryam being possessed by Lilith was a coincidence or mistake. A Freudian slip perhaps on the part of the writers and producers of ‘The Chosen’ but certainly not a meaningless creative decision.

The idea of Yahusha HaMashiach taking on the role of A’dam will likely not be a foreign concept to anyone. A’dam transgressed whereas the Son of A’dam did not. The transgression of the first A’dam secured passage to She’ol for all of his children in every successive generation whereas the obedience of the second A’dam reversed that penalty and led them to Paradise from whence the first father had fallen. That observation appears to derive exclusively from Pa’al, at least, canonically speaking. Other books like First and Second A’dam and Chuah as well as Besorah Niqodiymon undoubtedly use that theme as their very story arch. Pa’al though, there are a few passages where he brings the subject up, Qorintiym Ri’shon (1 Corinthians) 15:45-49 being one of them. For the sake of the flow of this discussion, his chef-d’oeuvre should do just fine. I’m talking about his letter to the Romaiym.

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