Princess Kaguya: A Preexistence Tale

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EVERY so often I succumb to the unfolding story and shed a tear. I cried at the ending of ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’. I cried when William Wallace howled for freedom from the torturers table in ‘Braveheart’. And then there is that home viewing of ‘Dirty Dancing’ when Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey had the time of their life. I confess to feeling something wet and moist on my cheek, but in my defense, I was also in the kitchen cutting up an onion. I am blaming it on the onion and sticking to it. The point that I’m trying to make is that tears don’t happen often in the movies, but when they do, I remember them. ‘The Tale of the Princess Kaguya’ is one such occasion. Maybe it is because my wife had just given birth to our first daughter and my heartstrings were already being pulled upon. But then I can also say with certainty that I’ve watched the entire catalogue of Studio Ghibli films since her birth, there’s maybe 22 or 23 animated features in their vault, and none of them affected me quite like this one.

The story is about preexistence and the divine. I probably should have given you a spoiler alert because the preexistence element does not come into the plot until the third act. But then it should also be a given by this point in our relationship that the purpose of these discussions are to address the esoteric, and whenever possible, the heavenly Mysteries. FYI, preexistence is something which I have already covered. Preexistence. Boom, there’s your link. Give it a read. I reference an assortment of extra-Biblical books at my disposal, which is to say, I am completely sold on the concept. And despite Princess Kaguya, it’s not simply a teaching deriving from the far east. Our place in the preexistence narrative isn’t exactly a side note either. Grasping our former standing in heaven and likewise our fall from grace brings stunning clarity to the notion that some of us will reclaim our stature as Sons of Elohiym.

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