Pontius Pilate On Trial: His Suicide in Acts 29

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HE committed suicide is my best guess. You may be wondering why I came to that conclusion. I have my reasons. The question I’m left with is, was he suicided. Quite the difference between the two options, wouldn’t you agree? Just know that there are various accounts regarding the future adventures of Pontius Pilate upon the earth and very few of them seem to agree on his fate. The way I phrased that sounds unfair now that I think about it. Perhaps eventually I will get around to chronicling each and every purported episode because what they do mutually agree upon is that Pilate never had Yahusha Ha’Mashiach crucified, as we’ve covered. It’s like I’ve been saying all along, he washed his hands of the mob mentality in every narrative.

You can read my latest finding as well as the full report in the PDF below.

PDF [UPDATE]: Pontius Pilate on Trial: Suicided in Acts 29

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