Nero Redivivus: The Legend of Antichrist

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Apparently, Nero lounged around on a couch for a few hundred years, dreaming up the grand designs of his new and improved pleasure palace once he finally got around to conquering the world with his conveniently well-financed army. No, I am not an art critic, but if I were, that’s what I would say is going on in this-here painting, and I’d totally stick to it. I am finding quotes on the Nero Redivivus subject throughout the obscure pages of our His-Story, by the way, and have arrived at the conclusion that Nero’s return was the conspiracy theory among crazy uncles back in the day, come family gathering at Pascha and Sukkot. Of course, everyone’s back-alley red pill dispenser would have very likely been well acquainted with The Sibylline Oracles back in the day; Oracles which were supposedly written by Sibyl, a woman identifying herself as a native of Babylon and a daughter of Noach. I’ll tell you all about it, including Nero’s return in the Ascension of Yesha’yahu (Isaiah), but you’ll have to retrieve it on the download page.

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