Mystery of the Maypole and the Millennial Kingdom

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NOBODY really knows where the Maypole finds its origins, nor what it all means, though many have tried. Well, isn’t that odd? I mean, that its origins are unknown. We don’t even have a motive. Nearly everyone stares up at a maypole and then joins in with the common consensus—that we’re dealing with another pocket rocket ceremony. The typical deduction is that children are being coerced into an oppressive dance honoring pagan deities by the creepy pedo people but that very well may be wishful thinking. Oh, the Maypole is undoubtedly esoteric, fertile with spiritual implications, but it needn’t be nefarious or pagan.

The custom is Medieval to the bone, your second clue, with archeological remains that can be found in Sweden and the Nordic countries to Scotland and Britain, as far south as France, Spain, and Italy, in Belgium and all throughout Germany, as well as the neighboring countries which they influenced, yes, even the Slav countries. Again though, and I can’t stress this enough, its origins are completely unknown. It appears as though we have another instance where everyone woke up one morning with a hangover and a memory loss and the nagging question: ‘Why are we still doing this?’ because nobody has a straight answer, nor can they recall.  

Just last week I wrote a paper called Knight Moves which covers the ‘carole,’ a lost dance of the Dark Ages. Why beat around the bush? We all know it was the Millennial Kingdom. I bring that up because the carole, though it was known as the ‘rondeau’ in France and the ‘reigen’ in Germany, was a circular dance involving many players and hand holding, much like the maypole. In fact, that’s what many of you may have been thinking all along, that the lost dance of the Millennial Kingdom had a connection with the Maypole, albeit an awkward one. I didn’t bring it up then knowing that I’d get around to covering the subject, and here we are. Well, I’m here to tell you that in both instances, somebody cooked the books. Perhaps we can figure out what was going on.

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NEW 3/17/2024: Mystery of the Maypole and the Millennial Kingdom

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