Muhammad and the Millennial Kingdom

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AH-HA! Is how I wanted to begin this deliberation, but alas, Muhammad’s mile-marker on the Timeline, as well as his activity within the confines of the Millennial Kingdom of Yahusha HaMashiach, is more of a hmmmmm at the moment. Probably not what you wanted to hear. What some of you wanted me to say is that the Quran was written by the Jesuits along with the rest of history after the Thousand-Years had come to an end and that there’s no reason to sweat it. Well, I don’t dance that jig. I’m of the opinion that everything within the Media is a lie and that our Illuminati history books are on equal footing, but then consider that propaganda would lose its potent toxicity if there were not a Truth needing twisted and contorted for the normies. At the end of the day, I don’t know if the Quran was authored by Muhammad ‘the Illiterate’ when they say it was authored or written or whatever, between 610 and 632, or if it was written and then re-written by the Committee, perhaps even compiled over the centuries by the Clean-up Crew, which very likely may be the case. None of us know. I wasn’t there and neither were you.

You should at least know that I tracked down a copy of the Quran at the local used bookstore and then gave it a thorough read. I would be a fool to criticize something without first offering a thoughtful glance. The following is my report regarding Muhammad’s contributions to the Millennial Kingdom of Messiah. You can read the full report in the PDF below. Also, thanks for subscribing to my YouTube channel, The Unexpected Cosmology.

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NEW 1/10/2024: Muhammad and the Millennial Kingdom

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