Millennial Kingdom + Mud Flood and the Wastelands of the Seraphim

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IN my last Millennial Kingdom + Mud Flood paper, I had purposely neglected to comment upon the seraphim dragons who escorted Chanok up to heaven. They make an appearance in the rather short text, ‘Account of Chanok’. If you need a refresher, everybody’s eyeballs melted, like something from Raiders of the Lost Ark. The jury is still out on whether or not it’s commentary upon a Revelation 20 society. That is, after the one-thousand-year kingdom of Mashiach on earth, where we presently find ourselves. I had implied that it may very well be. It’s undoubtedly describing the here and now which, when you think about it, simultaneously makes it post mud flood. Some may have interpreted my oversight as neglect. Malpractice even. But I was only thinking ahead. This is a progressive conversation, and I knew where it was headed.

Perhaps you didn’t take the time to read my last paper and are already confused. Return of Rome. Not a problem. It’s time you get caught up to speed. I’m referring to this passage right here.

4 After he [Chanok] said this, the multitude took up arms to kill him. Suddenly, a whirlwind came from heaven, as a storm of fire. Within the whirlwind of fire were seraphim, dragons of the power of Elohim. All who saw this became blind in that moment for their eyes were burned from their sockets.

The Account of Enoch 1:4

Epic. You can read the entire paper in the following PDF.

Wastelands of the Seraphim