Mary Magdalene: The Only Begotten Daughter of Elohiym

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THE thing is my research into ‘The Only Begotten Daughter of Elohiym’ was put out back in 2021, long before I ever asked myself the betrothed of Mashiach question. I had absolutely no clue where it would ultimately turn to at the time. All I can do sometimes is present the information as it comes along and see by way of experiment if it is a house of bricks or cards. Well, I am here to tell you that the only begotten daughter of Elohiym holds water, and she is none other than Miryam of Migdal. It’s why I’m merging my research on that project with this one and then adding to it. Seriously, I thought the trail had gone cold and there was nothing more to say on the matter, but that couldn’t be any further than the Truth. Yoceph was a Mashiach prototype, and his wife Asenath was a part of it. Fact of the matter is I had been staring at Miryam of Migdal all along.

The latest update to my Mary Magdalene: Wife of Messiah investigation can be found in the PDF file below.

PDF [UPDATE]: Mary Magdaline: The Only Begotten Daughter of Elohiym

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