AMONG the many available paths leading its traveler deeper into the healing Mysteries of heavens kingdom, the labyrinth at Chartres in France stands out as a trophy from the rest. That is why we are here. Get ready to discuss. The coffee in my mug is piping hot.

Now, in a recent paper, Knight Moves, I discussed the lost dance of the Millennial Kingdom, a carole which expressed a symbiotic ‘heaven on earth’ pilgrimage experience between the immortal and mortal, the angel holding hands with the lady and the artisan and the knight; really, people of all social classes. It’s immediate follow-up, Mystery of the Maypole, made the connection between the cyclical solstices, the zodiac, and the carole, indicating that it too was a visual tool for the pilgrim, given the proper season. My very next and most recent paper, The Pilgrim’s Path, highlighted the actual routes of Millennial Kingdom travelers, the destination being the Body of Mashiach, that is, Renewed Yerushalayim upon the earth. Though I’m sure Jerusalem in the desert was a popular destination too.

Initially, the thought process was to include a section on the labyrinth in my Pilgrim’s Path report, being that the labyrinth was intended as a companion to the pilgrim’s healing and enlightenment. Not that I need to explain any of this to you. I just thought you’d like to know my thought process, where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to over the last so many weeks of my life, and how I decided the labyrinth might do better on its own. Give its hedges room to grow, allow the pilgrim his own walking space, that sort of thing. Just so long as we never forget the entryway and axis mundi of kingdom citizenship, which is Renewed Yerushalayim.  

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