King Arthur and the Return of the Dragon Lords

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SPEAKING of those pesky Saxons invaders, the Medieval historian Geoffrey of Monmouth apparently wasn’t a fan. None of the Arthurian writers were, LOL. There’s a story in ‘Historia Regum Brittaniae’ which involves two dragons, a red and a white one, fighting in a pit. The context has Vortigern, the 5th-century warlord, whom later writers would dub the king of the Britons, hanging out with Merlin, when the dragons show up. I’ll show the passage as well as its implications but first you should know this is the latest update to my ‘537: The End of Camelot’ paper. I’ve added maybe 10 new pages of information, all of which detail King Arthur’s relationship with the Red Dragon of Wales. And of course, that one is a spin-off from my 536 AD: Year of the Fire Reset paper, which in turn is related to the rest of these.

Kings and Priests of the MK. 536 A.D. Melted Cities. Vesica Piscis. The Glorious Appearing. The 7000-Year Timeline Deception. The End of the MK. Nanteos Cup.

Looks like you’ve got some catching up to do. Regarding ‘537: The End of Camelot’, PDF file is offered below

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UPDATE 11/27/2023: 537AD: The End of Camelot

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