Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Vs. the Medieval Labyrinth: Entering a Kingdom of the Subconscious

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IT was the movie, wasn’t it? That’s what most of you were thinking in yesterday’s report when I thought to bring up the Medieval labyrinth, the Jim Henson directed Muppet movie, ‘Labyrinth’. I knew it. A lot of people forget that it was executive produced by George Lucas when his name still meant something. I guess it’s like that saying, you either die the hero, which Henson did, or you live long enough to become the villain, uh-hum, Lucas. Well, let’s not get caught up in Hollywood productions when my every effort should be to compare or contrast the nightmare Muppet of a movie with the Medieval worldview. They’re not the same—or are they? It’s high time we found out.

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NEW 3/20/2024: Labyrinths: Seeking the Kingdom of Heaven Within

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