Isis & Osiris Identified: First Dynasty Rulers of Egypt

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NEARLY an entire year has gone by since turning out my initial report on ‘Cham’s Mystery Children’. Quite a few claims were made regarding the identity of Cham in His-Story. For example, you will recall how Zoroaster and Pan were both identified with Noach’s troublesome third child. But then there are his many sons and daughters. The apples did not fall far from the tree as they went about usurping thrones, and even Nimrod, whom I identified as Nimroth the Giant, gave Cham a run for his money. I don’t intend to rehash that all again. The only reason I’ve returned to the conversation is because I was sitting on a park bench, watching my children use the playground equipment in all the wrong ways, and decided to polish up on my Egyptian history until the next band aide needed applied. There were dozens of Egyptian dynasties, the most famous being the 19th, but I wanted to start back with the First Dynasty, the original, the one that spun an entire franchise of sequels. Why am I not surprised to learn that Egypt’s founders’ lines up directly with everything we’ve read in ‘Noach’s Travels Into Europe’ and other texts? The Scholars are free to spout their nostrils and disagree, but I’m thinking Osiris and Isis, as well as their child Horus, have been identified for us. FYI, they’ve been staring at us from the genealogies all along.

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