Is the Nanteos Cup the Holy Grail?

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NORMALLY, I wouldn’t pay much attention to the claim which has long insisted that the Nanteos Cup is the Holy Grail. There is something like 200 contenders for the Grail in Europe alone, this being one of them, and so, I’m certainly not claiming this to be the one now. The cup is said to be miraculous, healing those who drink from it, but I am unimpressed. The Catholic Church has a longstanding history with these sorts of relics, nothing new here. For one reason or another, it’s simply attracted my gaze. I mean, after everything we’ve been through with the Friday the XIII episode, by which Templar Knights slipped out the back door and sailed off into the sunset of His-Story, and the stunning reemergence of the Shroud of Turin, events which line up with my proposed timeline regarding the end of the Millennial Kingdom. Supposedly, it is then when the Nanteos Cup shows face as well.

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