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AND I STRESS EVERYTHING. YET YOU WILL NEVER IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE see a tall object like a mountain or a skyscraper on the distant horizon leaning away from you, as the necessary curve of the globe-model demands. This is because we live on a Flat Earth. God is not a relativist when it comes to our perceptions. If we defiantly deny our every observations in the real world and cling to a fantastical ball view, the only conclusion one can conjure is what establishment science so blindly claims, that everything we see with our own eyes is a superior mirage.

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If you’re an individual who persists in your Masonic-Jesuit approved globe beliefs, despite our daily observations to the contrary, then I highly recommend you not use an online Earth’s Curve Horizon, Bulge, Drop, and Hidden Calculator, as the illustration above shows. Do not observe a distant object on the horizon like a mountain or skyscraper standing perfectly erect without any hint of a vertical lean due to supposed curvature, do not figure out its distance in miles from where you stand, and please, whatever you do, do not input that data into a curvature calculator.

Do not visit www.metabunk.org/curve and follow these steps, as I have.

New York State-based Jenna Fredo is responsible for capturing this rather poetic footage of Toronto from 31 miles across Lake Ontario at Fort Niagara, a video which I’ve posted below. I recommend everyone visit her YouTube channel. If you study the diagram above, it’s an exact model of Jenna’s Fort Niagara whereabouts, with Toronto’s CN Tower clearly shown in its proposed “leaning stance,” as the globe demands.

You’ll also notice that Toronto’s Rogers Center is clearly seen in her footage, among so many other unmistakable landmarks. So before continuing on to the video, let’s remember NASA’s necessary calculations for the globe requires 8 inches per mile squared, and then do some math.

Rogers Center is exactly 30.84 miles away from Observer.

Lake Ontario’s elevation is 243 feet above sea level.

Rogers Center, elevation of 266 feet.

30.84 x 30.84 = 951

951 * 8 = 7608

7608 / 12 = 634 Feet

Rogers Center should be 611 Feet below Jenna Fredo!

Thank you Jenna. Everywhere I turn, I can only come up with one conclusion. The Earth is stationary and unmovable, set on pillars, and housed as a tent underneath a solid firmament, as the Bible so boldly claims. The LORD is good.

“Let God be true but every man a liar!” Romans 3:4