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RENE DESCARTES HAS INFILTRATED FLAT EARTH. Indeed, the gate is flung wide open, and the great commanding general who leads all ranks of humanists has helped himself into the camp of God’s elect with his legions of agitated bed-wetters filing in behind; grunts, plebes, and non-commissioned officers alike, all of whom arrogantly stomp upon the Reformers banner, “Sola Scriptura!” all so that their own Luciferian slogan might be carried out. “I have woken! I have woken! I have woken!”

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In as little as a year or two they easily have outnumbered us, demanding that our baton-holding in this relay is done. And their mandate is clear. Religion, they tell us, is not welcome in Flat Earth. It should come as no surprise that the theological statement of Descartes and his humanist friends insists on absolute freedom from God’s act of creation, despite the shape of the Earth. This is a fundamental of fundamentals, for the humanist assures us that man is sufficient of himself to determine truth without God’s help, hence his often-regurgitated motto, “I have woken!” Here the Christian must depart. He knows that there are no other recoverable treasures of wisdom and knowledge except by the acknowledgement of God (Colossians 2:3). Only in God’s light can we see true light (Psalm 36.9). The Christian is in no need of the humanist to fund our cause. Yeshua Hamashiach has already paid our price with His blood.

I happened to come across an older man living in South Carolina. He was actually the elder of his church; a Baptist denomination—and if the mockery of his deceased father stoked the tender coals of my soul, it’s because his father believed the Earth was flat, and only, that church elder claimed with an ironic twist to modern-day hypocrisy, because “the Bible told him so.” Make no mistake about it, despite Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Descartes, Newton, Darwin, Einstein, and so many other conspirators against the Creator, or in his father’s case, a live viewing of the end-times Great Delusion lie—the ’69 NASA moon landing in real time—The LORD has always had a faithful remnant of believers, even if few in number, who bowed down to no other God, neither any other created order, but rather stood completely with His unbreakable revelation.

No-no-no! Here we stand, humanists. We’re not leaving.

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Western philosophy is rotted to the bone with the gangrenous stench of humanism. On this foundation society cannot stand. Its adherers certainly owe their granddaddy a great deal of gratitude. On one hand, Descartes accepted Thomas Aquinas’ challenge to build upon his “philosophical knowledge” rather than “sacred knowledge.” Yet on the other he outright refused to accept the authority of any philosopher but himself, hence his wording in the treatise commonly called Emotions. He would write on this topic,“as if no one had written on these matters before.”

For the secular humanist, his own ability to doubt anything but himself supplants the greater existence of God, accordingly. Was not Descartes’ magnum opus to state, “I doubt,” and after months of careful cognition, finally conclude, “I think, therefore I am?” Most certainly, it was. Western philosophy, for the most part, rests on this very principle. The act of waking up to “I Am,” as his pupils flagrantly proclaim, is a cause they find satisfaction in. And yet the very bones which such an argument depends upon for support splinters before he is able to stand, for he has already presumed his own existence by stating, ‘I’ when proclaiming, “I doubt!”

The true Christian does not begin with the presupposition of his own existence. For him it is, “In the beginning, God…. (Genesis 1:1).” There is no need to explain to him, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge (Proverbs 1:7).” These principles are well understood. The Christian cannot even conceive of knowing anything with certainty without first consulting God’s existence, and secondly (but no less important), committing to such knowledge fearfully. We are told nothing could exist should God not exist (Acts 17:28). The existence of God is the most sacred truth. God decides truth, not the man with the ability to recognize his ability to think. Truth cannot therefore be something which occurs to us, not even because the wink of a philosopher’s eyebrows or wave of a wizards hand has convinced us otherwise. We cannot wake ourselves up to it. Without the Spirit’s intervention, we are dead to our sins (Colossians 2:13). Instructing anyone that he or she can do so, should they willfully comply, is to pull them back into the very deception which changed the shape of the world in the first place.

The Christian must understand this in order to be saved. Truth happens only because God spoke all things into existence, and therefore he must be consulted in all matters, lest we fall into yet another terrible globe delusion. “Thy Word is truth (John 17.17).” And we should expect our salvation to be no less, for Yeshua Hamashiach, being made perfect, “became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him (Hebrews 5:9).”

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The humanist has arrived in Flat Earth with greater numbers than out own, yet shivers at what is written within God’s Word, even if they should mutually agree on the shape of the Earth—that is, being revealed by His own Testimony, which states in no uncertain terms that it is not a globe but stationary. If the Bible proclaims the Earth to be stationary, despite the church’s overwhelming rejection of such truth, it furthermore directs the humanists’ attention to its Creator, just as it should. He knows a domino effect when he sees it, for it will also let him in on the fact that he has fallen short of God’s glory due to the inheritance of sin, with the acknowledgement that salvation, our cleansing of unrighteousness, which comes through His Son, Yeshua Hamashiach alone, will force his hand. This is why the humanist wants nothing to do with us. This is why he demands, after crashing the worship service, that we leave—because he must be undeterred. Knowledge of anything outside of his own mind is suspect.

The ironic twist to all of this is that they, the humanists, have woken up only to themselves. Despite their claims to the contrary, the truth makes them dreadfully uncomfortable. They have tragically woken up to the gargantuan expansion of their own self-enlightened perversities. And should this trend continue, they shall easily make an eternity of it, always waking up to a tormented reality apart from the truth of the Savior. Indeed, there will be no shortage of humanists in hell, always proclaiming their damnable gospel,  and demanding that it be held to, “I have woken! I have woken! I have woken!”


Maranatha from Nova Scotia!



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