“I Sing the Body Electric!” The Kundalini Force Is Strong with NASA Astronaut Edgar Mitchell | Reflections in Flat Earth from Ontario


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APOLLO 11 ASTRONAUT NEIL ARMSTRONG NEVER WITNESSED a single star. Not from the moon. Not from the space between the Earth and the moon. Not anywhere beyond our own atmosphere. In a 1970 interview with the BBC, Armstrong reported to The Sky at Night host Patrick Moore: “The sky is a deep black when viewed from the moon, as it is when viewed from cis-lunar space, the space between the earth and the moon. The earth is the only visible object other than the sun that can be seen, although there have been reports of seeing planets. I myself did not see planets from the surface, but I suspect they might be visible.”

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Contrarily, Apollo 14 Astronaut Ed Mitchell beheld stars. An entire smorgasbord of heavenly delights opened up before him, each luminary dilating and shining “ten times brighter” than anything he’s ever experienced on Earth. During an October 1993 interview with Hinduism Today, Mitchell recalled the euphoric effect of his 480,000 mile roundtrip journey to the moon and back was such that: “I suddenly experienced the universe as intelligent, loving…harmonious.” What he gazed into was “the primordial energy of the universe, the primal and subtlest energies.” The vast canvas of outer space wasn’t just his crowning mountaintop affair. No, no. What Mitchell experienced, he assured Hinduism Today, was “the kundalini force.”

The Kundalini force is the dormant power, or primal sexual energy, lying present in every human being, and a key concept in Dharma, which touches upon a multitude of Indian religions —Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. Practically speaking, yoga heavily relies upon kundalini, which is said to reside at the base of our spine and may be invoked through a series of breathing exercises, among other activities. The word means ‘coiled one,’ and if kundalini immediately invokes images of the serpent in the garden for my Christian reader, it’s because such a mystic practitioner believes the wise-one is tragically mistaken by each and every one of us. As the representative of our Divine Mother, the serpent awakens truly spiritual human—apparently. And yet it remains coiled for most of us—we the unenlightened—biding its time through ages past, waiting on the moment when each individual’s eyes are awakened and, through a combination of physical, astral, and mental methods, the soul begins to take charge of its “rightful domain.”

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Ed Mitchell was raised in the fundamentalist Christian faith. Those two ways of thinking, however—Christianity and Science, he says, “are not compatible.” Mitchell is a true apostate. Regarding the discrepancy between Biblical Inerrancy and the Scientific Method, he further explains, “I now describe our universe a little differently; as evolutionary, intelligent, participatory and continuing to learn….What we call God is the mind of the universe, and what we experience as physical reality is the body of the universe, if you want to anthropomorphize. The creative force behind the universe is the same creative force we experience within ourselves. The atman and Brahman aspects of consciousness have to be put together in order to create reality.”

A Christian with only a smidgeon of discernment should still be able to separate what Ed Mitchell is implying with what the Bible tells us of reality. Assuredly, Mitchell is correct; the Science behind this Copernican Delusion and Christianity are not compatible. God is not His own creation and therefore the universe is most-assuredly not self-aware. We are furthermore not divine atomic cells within an ever-expanding brain, which Science has a mind to prove. Excuse the pun. Rather, the Psalmist assures us, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork. (Psalm 19:1)”

Just this last week I was at a museum with my family in Montreal, and there was a somewhat daffy exhibit where they displayed two comparative photos, the first showing the milk and mammary glands within a woman’s breast and the next a fake satellite image of deep space. It was kind of like, which is space and which is the woman’s inner breast? The entire point of this “Science” presentation was to discreetly tutor us—myself, my wife, and our kids—if only in a subconscious whisper, that space itself is God. And we’re His organisms. I guess in this case, if we’re being technical, God is a woman—Scientifically speaking.

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“In the beginning you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands” (Psalm 102:25)

I can’t help but think of occultist Aleister Crowly’s “Book of the Law (1904),” where he speaks affectionately of the Egyptian sky goddess Nuit. She is traditionally portrayed in Egyptian hieroglyphics as being naked, arched over the Earth in a sexual manner (exactly where Moses would place the firmament) and dressed only with the heavenly constellations. In later writings Crowley himself identified Nuit with the Kundalini force. But namely in “Book of the Law” he writes, “Heaven is not a place where God lives. Nuit is Heaven itself.”

Mitchell is resolved knowing that, should the world’s leading politicians be exposed to this therapeutic stimulus—“space” and “the kundalini force,” that is—a unification process might ensue, aiding the world peace process. Actually, he clumsily straddles the fragile balance beam which might expose this end-times space deception for what it is, particularly our intended “perception of reality,” when he candidly tells Hinduism Today. “I define God as the intelligent function. The soul would be that residual aspect of self that is eternal. I believe that the purpose of the universe is to organize itself and to experience physical reality, of which we’re a part of in creating that.”

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To this day and now more than ever, the Apollo moon missions are riddled with surmounting contradictions and inconsistencies. NASA investigator David Orbell, hoping to come to a clearer understanding of Apollo’s “stars, no-stars” enigma, was able to sit in on one of Mitchell’s paid talks at the Hilton Metropole Hotel in Birmingham, England during its October 2012 Autographica program. Firstly, concerning the first man to supposedly walk on the moon, Orbell writes: “Neil Armstrong is credited as the astronaut with the greatest interest in observing the heavens. He had flown jet fighters at 40,000 feet to observe the clarity of the universe at that rarefied altitude.”

In what Orbell describes as a venomous exchange (on Mitchell’s part) between he and the sixth man to walk on the moon, which “stunned the large audience—many whom were filming,” the once-astronaut sharply exclaimed, “’He [Neil Armstrong] didn’t know what he was talking about!”

Immediately after their uneasy crossfire, once Mitchell had returned talking about a subject which apparently excited him—our inevitable alien visitors, Orbell approached retired Air Force Brigadier General Charles Duke, who was signing autographs just down the hall. Duke served as Lunar Module pilot on Apollo 16 and was “officially” the tenth man to walk on the Moon in 1972. Notably, Edgar Mitchell was his counterpart on Apollo 14 in 1971.

Duke said, “No we couldn’t see the stars anytime on the voyage. It was too bright!”


Maranatha from Ontario!



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