History’s Heretics: The Fathers of Astronomical Lies

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History’s Heretics:

The Fathers of Astronomical Lies

By Aiden Haze, age 14

            “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and it’s people are like grasshoppers. He stretches the heavens out like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.” Isaiah 40:22 NIV. YHWH sits above the circle of the earth. Throughout history, priests of science have tried to enthrone themselves with their “discoveries”. It doesn’t take rocket science to dethrone them though. All that it takes is to pull one piece of their poorly proclaimed porcelain palaces down one lie at a time and it all crumbles down, making these liars land lopsided on their flimsy foundations. We will start with Benjamin Banneker. He was almost unknown, but his work is still used to this day. Everyone knows Copernicus, with his creation of the heliocentric model. And lastly we’ll address Stephen Hawking with his work on black holes. We will disprove their work simply with logical observation, and of course, the Bible.

            Let’s start with Benjamin Banneker. He worked with eclipses, and some of his theories and methods are still used today. He was an African-American who apparently created America’s first pure wooden clock, which accurately kept time for over 50 years. This father of lies work was with calculating eclipses time. He also supported the heliocentric model. This can simply be disproved by using our eyes. As the heliocentric model states, eclipses can only occur when the sun is fully risen, and the moon covers it, thus blocking the sun light.  But, the sun has risen as eclipsed multiple times in history!!! It was recorded on July 17, 1590, June 16, 1666, (that date screams demonic) May 26, 1686, April 20, 1817, and January 10, 1870. This can still occur today. N.A.S.A. (Which in Hebrew means to deceive) will openly state that for this to occur, you would need “to fly up 4,545 miles in order to see them like that”. And besides, if we’re “spinning at 1,000 mph”, how could you ever see this stuff?? Truth is we aren’t.  N.A.S.A. just wants you to think we’re on a ball on a merry go round. Just read the Bible: 1 Chronicles 16:30, Isaiah 14:7, Zachariah 1:11, and 2 Peter 3:5.

            Our next father of lies is Nickolas Copernicus. He was the one who cooked up the whole heliocentric model, not to mention being a Freemason. The heliocentric model is what many have been suckered into believing today.  This can be disproven by observation and the Bible. If the earth were spinning, then if you jumped, the earth would spin beneath you, and who knows where you would land. If the earth were round, then the DANYANG GRAND BRIDGE has some serious problems. This bridge, opened in June 2011, spans 102.4 miles. Land surveyors and engineers confirm that no curve was accounted for during construction!! (Not to mention the ocean is called sea level, not sea curve.) And regarding the sun and moon… Apparently the sun is stationary while the “planets” (in Greek false teachers/ deceivers) dance in circles around the sun. Something must have been up then in Joshua 10:12-14, when Joshua commanded the sun to stop, in order for them to defeat their fleeing adversaries. And the sun and moon stopped. Upon reading the Bible, you simply need to take it for its word, just like Yeshua states. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.

            Our final father of lies is Stephen Hawking. Quite the evolutionist with the obvious distaste of YHWH. He has stated,” science makes god unnecessary “. What a bum. Somehow, he also made an appearance in StarTrek. Probably as an alien. He theorized and popularized black holes which are an “exhausted star exploding, creating a vacuum”. With no end I might add. Well hallelujah! Finally something to clean up all the “space junk” floating around. Our stars have gone eco-friendly! But back to the point. It really sounds ridiculous. Sounds like the Big Bang theory. An explosion and something is created. The Bible says nothing about space or black holes. In fact, it warns us against the people creating these yarns. 2 Peter 2:1, “In the  past there arose false prophets among YHWHs people, just as there will continue to be false teachers who secretly infiltrate in your midst to divide you, bringing with them their destructive heresies. They will even deny their master, who paid the price for them, bringing swift destruction open themselves”.

            Upon reading this, many may think, what’s the purpose? Why would they deceive us with the heliocentric model? Well, when you think of it, where would YHWH be in the heliocentric model? Is he in some other dimension, and the Bible is just being poetic when it says that he is above us? NO. The whole reason for this deception is to hide our Creator and make science the god. They will whip up anything to hide Him. And why might they do this? Because they are in line with HaSatan, seeking to do his will for a reward they will never get. That is why when darkness shuts out the sun, we need to lean on Yeshua for his glorious light.