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THE INVITES WENT OUT MILLENNIAL’S AGO—MOSES AND THE PROPHETS, as well as the poets, scribes, and Apostles all had a part in it. But it wasn’t until a few hundred years ago that the rejection slips starting coming in. I am of course referring to the Doctrine of Flat Earth, and for over a century the pastors and leaders of our church, though being thoroughly trained on the subject, have outright, and perhaps even wickedly, denied it. Now look what has happened. Our address has changed. Not only that, but God’s Testimony has become a subject of mockery even to the so-called elect who claim to love Him. We rejected the truth with the carefree ease as one who cleans his closet of outdated fashion, clearing only the smallest itty-bitty parts of it thinking that no one would notice. And then Satan moved in, collecting what scraps he could from the wastebasket, and establishing his kingdom upon it.

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Look around and see for yourself this scurrying rebellion of Flat Earth vermin. We’re a sorry-looking lot, aren’t we? And yet God smiles upon us. If finding flag-bearers to declare His kingdom through the full unbroken Revelation of His Word means picking from the bottom of the barrel, it’s for a lack of willing workers. I myself am the last in line, and think nothing more of myself but to volunteer in submission. For every one of us there are another hundred men in whom we could barely keep afloat with, if we were to meet on the stage of debate, and yet in the face of this latter-rain outpouring of the Spirit, we shall meet with them anyways, knowing they choose to remain in the bed they made.

The reason why our current congregation of believers rejects Flat Earth is not because they cannot, but simply because they won’t. God will not have philosophers, speakers, and statesmen, men of renown and wealth, nor soldiers of the cloth in His Company who purposely err in the truth of God’s Word if and most certainly when such action should prove to benefit them, as Yeshua made painstakingly clear with the Pharisees. Making light of God, giving weight to the Words which suit one’s personal pleasures while treating others with the whiff of a feather is to be carefree with the soul, and is a damning offense of the world.

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If they cannot accept it, we soon shall see, and most certainly already have seen, a changing of the guard. Unbeknownst to the old scholar, who has befuddled and darkened his vision through the pride of his covetous knowledge, the wisdom of this age is handed to the disagreeable man on the back of the bus, whom nobody seems to look twice at, or the fellow making online videos with sun-beaten skin and the funny accent of a simpleton, covered to the rim of his muck boots in the filth of his cow pasture. He gains a following in those who sit around simply to mock him, thanking the Lord that they are not at all like him, and yet God will have His prophets, even when, as history proves, they will not be listened to.

The poor man with no effectual value to the self-proclaimed wisdom of society, with nothing to show for in the way of wealth, is often more unashamed of God, I have found, than the holy man of the cloth who has made the letter of Scripture the study of his life and needs the affection of man to fund him. It is a wonder of Christ’s grace that He has chosen the very least of us, that here among the publicans and sinners the call remains so effectual—and as such the Testimony becomes complete.

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If we were not God-fearing fellows, I think those of us who ascribe to the Doctrine of FLAT EARTH should faint from dread when acknowledging the mammoth task laid out before us. We have no worthy leaders assigned to our cause, as the praise of worldly men would have it, nor are we personally capable. We’re shepherd boys standing before an entire army of academic Goliath’s. But fear not, because the Lord is on our side, and His unbroken Testimony concerning Himself and His Creation will forever stand. Anyone who opposes God, even by willingly denying His Word or taking the surgical knife to the Holy Ghost in order to cosmetically please human reason, will be handed over to the very delusion they so willingly long for.


Maranatha from Prince Edward Island!



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