Fountains of Living Water and the Millennial Kingdom

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TODAY’S excercise is a continuation of my Star Forts paper as well as the larger discussion laid out in Kings and Priests of the Thousand Year Reign. Supposing you have read them then you will recall my thoughts concerning Medieval structures. Millenniala Kingdom architecture, which includes star cities and fortifications as well as castles and cathedrals, appear to have been designed as vibrational frequency eco-systems, each of which were intended to provide a sense of restored harmony for the individual as well as the community. Each of these structures would have been their very own self-contained environment, representing a microcosm of the universe on a metaphysical level. And of course, everything just mentioned included a closely guarded relationship with water. So, this time around, I wanted to take a closer look at what Scripture has to say regarding our Controller’s habit of destroying YAHAUAHA’s water structures. There’s a rabbinical saying that nothing happened to the Patriarchs of Barashayath that did not later transpire among the sons of Yashar’el, and to this point, they would be absolutely correct. It happened to Yitschaq. 

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PDF [11/22/23 NEW]: Fountains of Living Waters

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