Everything That Was Beautiful Became Ugly Revisited

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A whopping four years have passed since the publication of my monumental article in July of 2019, though really, it’s more of a novella. Where has the time gone? I can still recall the hot summer day lounging alongside Dordogne River in France when I received the news, that Patricia had decided to let her potatoes cool off, and the underground wine cellar in a walled medieval village by which I conducted our interview, all as if it transpired yesterday. The article-novella which followed quickly went down as the most read publication of my writing career, and probably still continues to be, despite my smorgasbord of research material. And so, you may or may not be happy to know that I’ve opened up the vaults and extended the article somewhat. The latest iteration includes contributions from David Weiss, Bob Knodel, and Mark Sargent, all of whom I interviewed that summer. We’ll just call this one the director’s cut.

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Afterwards, ‘Everything That Was Beautiful Became Ugly: Leaving Flat Earth with Patricia Steere’ as well as my entire ARCHIVES of material is available for your reading and viewing pleasure here.

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