My original article on Constantine was published way back when, on 3/13/2019, exactly five years ago to the date, pre Covid. Might as well have been written before 9/11 then, as the world was a very different place. I’m feeling nostalgic for simpler times. The original title of this paper, ‘Remember When Constantine Changed the Law of God and Got Away with It?’ The 3/13 date gives me even more information. It was published a little over a month after I started keeping the Sabbath, with only a month to go before I moved my family to Europe. Good times. There was still so much to learn about stolen His-Story and the mud flood as well as the Millennial Kingdom and the greater realm, and I was still operating under the false premise that there were three dudes in heaven, but at least I was right about one thing. The Shabbath was the holy set-apart and final day of the week, which Constantine just so happened to swap out for his boy, Mithras. And of course, the name change now implies that I’m tying Constantine and the Shabbath swap to Sunday with the impending Millennial Kingdom and its swap back to Shabbath. That is, until the inevitable swap back to Sunday, again, in our present short season. It’s all too much to go over here in the intro. You’ll have to read the paper for yourself. 

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NEW 3/13/2024: Constantine Vs the Millennial Kingdom

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