Architects of Camelot: Merlin, Son of the Incubus

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ANOTHER tidbit about Merlin is that he was conceived by an incubus, which is only somewhat awkward. People keep telling me Arthur was a Christian king, what text are they reading from? I guess the better question is asking how one defines ‘Christian’. Christianity is such a broad term, often so far removed from YAHAUAHA’s instructions in set-apart living that describing it as being enveloped by shades of paganism is being kind. My point here is that Arthur may very well have been a Christian king, whoop-de-doo, not debating that fact. To try and convince me however that he was raised above a pagan Christian king will be quite the heavy stone, indeed, as there’s a world of difference between the two. I think I’ve made my point by now, that Camelot was the ideal kingdom by those who preferred to rebel against the True Kingdom of Mashiach and live an unclean life. I just got distracted but not really. Getting back to Merlin and the incubus. 

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UPDATE 1/8/2024: 537AD: The End of Camelot

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