541: Year of the Apocalypse

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BY this point in our relationship, you’ve been made well aware of the year 536. I’m calling it the year of the Fire Reset, though the Normies are at least admitting it was the worst year in recorded history. I’ll take their confession as a win for Team His-Story. The year which followed, 537, incurred other notable troubles, like the death of King Arthur and the end of a place called Camelot. I take it you read through both of those reports and if not, don’t use me as your excuse, I’ve already dropped you two links in the opening paragraph, intended here to act as footnotes. The clock is ticking. Get to it, man. Be sure to give them a read and don’t forget to have a good time. But then, supposing you’ve fulfilled your duty, I am here to explain in layman terms that you’ve hardly been caught up to speed. All those people claiming 536 was the worst year in recorded history; what pipe are they smoking from? That was just a preview to 541, the year in which The Apocalypse reigned down upon the Earth. The official title is the Plague of Justinian but I’m going with The Apocalypse with a capital ‘A’ and sticking to it.

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PDF [1/4/24 NEW]: 541 AD Year of the Apocalypse

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