536 AD: Year of the Fire Reset

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536 was the year, by all indications. I’m referring to the fire judgement event warned about in 2 Kepha 3:7, which swept over targeted locations of our known realm, leaving a host of Melted Cities in its wake. You will need to recall my 7,000-Year Timeline Deception thesis, where-in I showed Scriptural evidence as to why Yahusha HaMashiach was resurrected 5,500 years after A’dam’s initial placement in Eden, pitting us in the whereabouts of 30 AD. That same breadcrumb trail informed me that the Millennial Kingdom was physically manifested upon the Earth in the year 6,000. Do the math. We’re looking at the sixth century for its advent, sometime after 500-ish AD. I stress ‘ish’ because I have yet to commit to an actual date until now. Well, 536 is that mile-marker. The Scientists and the Archeologists as well as the Medieval historians won’t even look twice at my proposal, but can you blame them? But then on the flip of that coin, the normies are all coming to the same conclusion, that 536 was the worst year in human His-Story which was then followed by one of the worst periods to be alive. Why won’t the theologians get into the ring as well?

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NEW 11/15/2023: 536 AD: Year of the Fire Reset

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