Waco: The War Against Us All

by | Dec 4, 2020

Sometimes I struggle with whether or not I’m a horrible sinner for having television. When everyone on social media told me that I should cancel Netflix because of that Cuties show, I didn’t. Of course I didn’t watch that awful drivel, but I also didn’t cancel nonetheless. Nor did I cancel when they released their “gay Jesus” show. There was some uproar about that one too, although I suspect that some re-upped their subscription at some point afterwards, cuz I swear some of the voices telling me to “CANCEL!!!” were the same ones then. I don’t recall seeing anyone get too upset about Sabrina the Teenage Witch or the continuation of Lucifer or the many, many shows on there that depict secret societies and rituals, etc.

Violence, sex, gore, murder, witchcraft, homosexuality… for some, that might just be a typical Friday night. I guess little girls in tights twerking is where the new boundary line must be drawn.


At any rate, I guess you could chalk me up as being bad like a tax collector or something. The way I look at it, millions of people watch Netflix, Hulu, or whatever every day, perhaps someone should be a watchman on the wall.

Maybe I’ve just deluded myself. I guess the jury is still out.

I often find inspiration and connections to things when I’m not really looking for them by stumbling across things on Netflix and the like. It just so happens that In the Shadow of the Moon is one of them. I wasn’t looking for it, but it found me.

Perhaps I should back up a bit before I get too far ahead of myself. The above serves as one bookend. The other is a documentary on Netflix that a random post on Facebook made me aware of. That documentary would be Waco.

I was only a 12-year-old kid when the Waco tragedy occurred. I remember the constant news cycle of the time telling me that terrible atrocities were being committed within the Branch Davidian compound. Women were being raped and held against their will. Kids were being abused. Illicit drugs were being made. Machine guns and hand grenades were being manufactured so they could be used against the Federal government. It was basically a house of horrors, we were told.

Even though I was young at the time, I could sense that there were palpable fears and divisions in our country, although most people didn’t want to acknowledge them publicly then. Seeing men all in black with machine guns storm a building full of American men, women, and children didn’t sit right with me. Later, when the tanks were ramming the building and the flames engulfed everything, I remember going somewhere private and weeping. The flag, our national anthem, and the pledge of allegiance were all tarnished that day for me. It would be a scant two years later, while being told that a van parked outside the Murrah building in Oklahoma City had exploded, that I would truly start to learn the lengths that some in this nation will go to maintain power and control. It was a major awakening for me, as discussed in my first paper here at The Unexpected Cosmology. You can read it here: Oklahoma City.

Quotes, like history, often repeat themselves. We’re told that Winston Churchill said something to the effect of, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” circa 1940. Rahm Emanuel would famously reprise it again in 2008. We’re also told that the phrase appears in at least one book from 1934 or prior. What nobody seems to pick up on is that creating the crisis in the first place—so that it can be used for political power grabs—has been a staple in the playbook of The Powers That Should Not Be from time immemorial. Of course the puppets and stooges are going to regurgitate what they’ve been taught by their masters.

The ATF, and later the FBI, ran the Waco ordeal exactly according to this playbook. They ginned up controversy and crisis where there was none and used it to gain more power and a bigger budget. In an era where some were finally calling for the ATF’s abolishment, it had to find a way to justify its own existence.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives actually started life as part of the Treasury department, specifically the Revenue division. The Federal Beast learned long ago that if you control the money, its supply and usage, you can basically control everything else. Another quote that is quite apropos: “Give a man a gun and with it he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and with it he can rob the world.” I’m not sure who may have originally said it, and I’m paraphrasing here, but I just heard it on a TV show once, and it stuck with me.

Everything in the U.S. and elsewhere can be and is controlled through “commerce.” The BATFE, specifically, comes in to tax and control things that the FedGov deems as needing more oversight and regulation.

Whiskey, or the devil’s drink, had long been on the short list as a scapegoat for the government. Men tend to drink whiskey. Whiskey can lead to vice. As it turns out, whiskey and vices can be taxed. In my last paper I wrote about how the Whiskey Rebellion had brought out the inner tyrant of our newly formed Republic while it was still in its infancy. That trend would continue.

When the Volstead Act was passed, it made criminals out of most adults overnight. The Act made the alcohol requirement in a beverage so low that it effectively banned most beer and wine as well as all high-proof spirits. The government would be damned if anyone enjoy any beverage they deemed verboten! This, coupled along with various tax laws, created new classes of criminals that had not existed before.

Of course black markets would spring up to move contraband items. Of course people will fight for their livelihoods. Hard, morally flexible people are hired to do the necessary things to keep the business going. Enter ABC agencies to “fix” the problem. Agencies that employ the same types of morally flexible men, just ones who take orders from a different commander.

When I finally got around to reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand years ago, there was one part that really stuck with me as to how this whole world operates. Dr. Ferris, already a government stooge, tries to convince Mr. Reardon, the owner of a large steel company, that it’s best to get onboard and in line with their plans. All he has to do is give up full control of his business, some of his rights, to make his life easier.

“Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against… We’re after power and we mean it… There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”

Remember that the next time you’re paying your speeding ticket.

By the time the Waco standoff would happen, the track-record would already have been well established. Yet for a lot of Americans, it seemed as if this was somehow something new. It was perhaps only the size of the operation that gave it the appearance of newness.

In the 20s and 30s newly minted mobsters—protecting their illicit alcohol empires—routinely used fully automatic submachine guns and other weapons. Mob-on-mob and mob-on-cop violence led to incidents such as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Of course there were civilian casualties and collateral damage. Apparently the government hadn’t yet thought of trademarking or using “The War on Alcohol” at that time so people could be more fully aware of what was really going on. As a result, in comes yet another act, the National Firearms Act of 1934.

The NFA would create strict controls around certain types of guns and weapons. In some instances, entirely fictional new classes of guns were made up. The ATF still operates on these asinine and subjective rules today. At the time it was an effective ban on such weapons because the tax to be paid in order to own the newly restricted items was two hundred dollars. Few—except maybe not so ironically, the mobsters themselves—could afford to pay that kind of money. Today, people line up and gladly pay their two hundred dollar “tax stamp” to more fully exercise their “right” to defend themselves how they see fit. This is why operations continue today to more fully demonize various types of guns and gun accessories. To keep them as a focal boogeyman rather than the all-powerful Oz behind the curtain pulling the strings.

In wisdom that only the government could appreciate, if rifles had barrels sixteen inches in length or more they were A-OK. But the same rifle shooting the same caliber bullet, holding the same number of rounds with a fourteen inch barrel? Now you’re a criminal in possession of a “short-barrel rifle.” Shotguns are apparently extra-super-mega-deadly at sixteen inches though, so they were made “legal” at eighteen and one-half inches.


Some might say that this would prohibit or prevent mobsters and gangsters from sawing down barrels so that they are easier to conceal or use while in a moving car. That might be true, but then again, the mind of a person who is already intent on potentially having to blast someone to protect their livelihood is not really going to be concerned with the inches his gun barrel has. Besides, necessity is the mother of all invention, and things such as folding stocks would be created to circumvent the ridiculous restrictions. In fact, NFA busting ideas and innovations are a cottage industry within the larger gun business to this day.

A few years after the NFA further federal legislation would create special licensing for the manufacture and sale of firearms. Effectively, again, another tax or revenue stream for the FedGov as well as new barriers to entry for any budding entrepreneur who might want to “live the dream.” All ruled “legal” and not an infringement, of course, because commerce.

It would quiet down for the most part through the 40s and 50s, where ironically, young men throughout the world were killing each other by the thousands with fully automatic weapons, grenades, flamethrowers, bombs, you name it. If Uncle puts a machine gun in your hand and tells you to go blow away some dude he doesn’t like, who are we to question?

The restrictions would begin to take on a pattern where once a decade or so some sort of major legislation would be passed. The Gun Control Act of ’68, the Firearms Owners Protection Act—classic governmental double speak—in ‘86. It would culminate with Clinton’s “assault weapon” (another completely made up term) ban in 1994. This was sold to the public by including a whole list of features or accessories that had no bearing on the effectiveness of the weapon as far as “killing something” would go, but were typically for ergonomic or practical purposes. Politicians described these forbidden features in such technical terms as “shoulder things that go up.”  Scary. Not the guns, mind you. The politicians. Imagine if they outlawed “assault cars” because they had tactical heated leather seats. Your butt being toasty warm necessarily makes your automobile more effective at ramming people.

The same playbook. If it works over and over then why change the game plan?

The early 90s kicked off what I believe was a major new phase in the plan that TPTSNB are executing even today. Prior to Oklahoma City and even Waco, there was the incident at Ruby Ridge, Idaho that served as kind of a testing ground or standard for the operations to come.

Randy Weaver and his wife Victoria were typical Midwestern people from Iowa. Not satisfied with “keeping up with the Joneses” style of living, nor with main stream Christian teaching, the Weavers sought to live a life away from the ordinary hustle and bustle. They held to what was then termed “Old Testament style Christianity” and believed that the modern world was corrupt in belief and practice. They maintained that they might be able to survive any coming apocalypse better if they were self-sufficient. Deciding to get out of Iowa, the Weavers purchased 20 acres of land in Ruby Ridge, Idaho where they sought to homestead and homeschool their children.

As part of their belief system, the Weavers held to racial separatism. This could be viewed as “heretical doctrine” at worst, or “unfortunate,” at best. There are many people who read the Bible and come away with some ideas that it advocates for separation of the tribes and nations. It is still a question that gets brought up and debated in circles today. But the facts of the matter were that the Weavers were not actively seeking to harm anyone based on their skin color or ethnicity. They were peaceful people.

In the Northern Idaho area where the Weavers found themselves there were white-separatist movements such as the Aryan Nation. Spread out and living off-grid, you could say they were neighbors. The Weavers did get invited and did attend some Aryan events. Randy always maintained, even in interviews with the FBI, that he had no direct affiliation with them and that outside of agreeing that the Old Testament was of great importance, they had very profound and significant theological differences with the Aryans.

In 1986, at a rally that Randy did attend, an undercover ATF agent introduced himself as an illegal firearms dealer. Later, in 1989, the ATF would claim that Randy sold this agent illegal “short barrel shotguns.” Randy Weaver had always maintained that the shotguns were of legal barrel length when he sold them to the man. In fact he said the man showed him where he—the purchaser—intended to shorten the barrels now that he had bought them. This is the definition of entrapment.

The idea was not to sting a lone family living in the woods. The ATF and FBI wanted Randy to become an informant for them. In fact they wanted him to infiltrate a white supremacist movement in Montana. Randy refused to introduce the undercover agent to the Montana group and around that time the agent’s cover was blown.

By mid-1990 the ATF was now essentially blackmailing Weaver telling him they had evidence that he was dealing illegal firearms but that they would drop all of the charges if he agreed to turn rat for them and infiltrate various groups in the area. He continued to refuse. To “sweeten the deal” the ATF arrested Weaver. After posting bail, the court set his hearing date to February 20, 1991. The written notice that Randy received said his court date was for March 20th, however.

Of course February 20th came and went for Randy Weaver. A bench warrant for his arrest was issued but Randy showed and explained to the U.S. Marshals that he wasn’t skipping court and that there must’ve been a mistake with the written notice. The Marshals agreed and sought to allow Randy to come in on the March date, which had always been the date as far as he was aware.

Inexplicably—at least on the surface—the United States Attorney’s Office sought to indict him six days before the written notice said he was to appear.

Seeing the tactics that the government was using on him, he and his family decided to hole up in their cabin on the mountain and the standoff began. After a few months the Weavers negotiated with the Marshals for an October surrender date. But again in a somewhat inexplicable fashion, the U.S. Attorney’s Office refused.

On August 21, 1992, almost a full year later, six armed and camouflaged Marshals came onto the Weaver’s private property supposedly for surveillance. In the course of events their dog gave away the agent’s positions. The government maintains at this point that they were fired upon by Randy Weaver’s fourteen year old son Sammy and their family friend Kevin Harris, who had come out armed to see what the dog was barking about.

Even if true, was this unreasonable behavior given that you run into heavily armed men amidst the trees on your private property?

The Weavers account differs in that they say that the Marshals actually shot their dog and then refused to identify themselves when confronted by Sammy and Kevin, who then fired upon them.

Shooting dogs seems to be a favorite tactic, as we’ll see.

Sammy immediately ran back towards the house and shouted, “I’m coming, dad!” and was promptly shot in the back and killed. After this supposed “debacle” the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team was brought in to take over “tactical command” of the situation. That tactical command meant employing sniper teams to monitor the homestead.

When Randy Weaver went out back to view the body of his dead son, a sniper took a shot at him hitting him in the shoulder. Knowing that Weaver was back in the house, FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi took another shot through a closed door, not knowing what his target actually was. The shot hit Randy’s wife Vicki in the head as she was holding their ten month old baby in her arms. The shot exited Vicki’s skull and struck Kevin Harris as well.

Lon Horiuchi was later brought up on manslaughter charges only after an appeals court reversed a previous court decision to dismiss the case entirely. Current Trump Attorney General William Barr was also Attorney General from 1991 to 93 and during the aftermath of Ruby Ridge, he worked quietly behind the scenes to get other attorneys to help Mr. Horiuchi as well as to seek immunity for him. Apparently his diligent work paid off as later, the Ninth Circuit dismissed all charges. The prosecutor in the case, Brett Benson, would later resign due to charges of forgery and falsifying documents on the case.

Sounds like an honorable, stand up bunch of fellas, no?

Not only was Horiuchi never found criminally liable for murdering an unarmed mother in her own home but he would go on to be promoted within the FBI and also show up in Waco with the same HRT unit.

After the death of his wife and son, Randy Weaver finally submitted to the mob who had tried to force him to become one of their snitches. Along with the original charge of selling illegal weapons, Randy was also charged with nine other offenses, including murder. He was able to be acquitted of all charges except for the failure to appear for his original court date—which was again a fault of the government not printing the proper date on the notice. He was fined ten thousand dollars that he didn’t have and was sentenced to eighteen months in prison for his efforts. It should also be noted that as a felon on the books he now, no longer has any 2nd Amendment rights for the rest of his life.

In total “little brother inspecting big brother” fashion, the internal investigation later found that the FBI had tried to destroy all of their reports on the incident to cover up any wrong doing. Other offenses included refusing to comply with court orders and fabricating evidence. In spite of this, the Justice Department refused to prosecute any senior FBI agents or officials for any misdeeds. Two lower-tier agents were indicted for destroying evidence, but one had his charges dismissed, and the other unlucky stooge served 18 months behind bars. The number two man at the FBI was demoted and three other agents were merely suspended either with or without pay.

The six U.S. Marshals involved in the initial shootout were given commendations by their department, and no other charges or meaningful actions were taken against them or against the ATF.

In what might be the ultimate and most sad irony of the whole ordeal, the FedGov, who was so adamant to have an informant in place within the Aryan Nations, already had agents from various alphabet agencies occupying five of the top six spots in the hierarchy! That means the Aryan Nation was effectively a government-run organization. A total spook factory. So much for homegrown terrorism, eh?

The events in Waco would play out in a similar fashion, but they would culminate in the ritual sacrifice the government so eagerly desired.

By the time February 2003 rolled around, the ATF, FBI and other government agencies were really looking for a “win.” The Seventh Day Adventist sect just outside of Waco, Texas would serve nicely.

Due to the fallout of the events like Ruby Ridge, the Rodney King riots, and other similar small-scale events, political pressure was rising to curtail or even outright abolish the ATF and other explicitly tactical branches of law enforcement that were starting to look more paramilitary in nature and less friendly neighborhood sheriff Barney Fife.

The ATF, if it ever truly was concerned about converted fully automatic weapons or hand grenades or anything else it alleged the Davidians had, could’ve easily arrested David Koresh as he was frequently found to be running and jogging outside down the road and made many trips into nearby Waco, among other places.

They were even staking out the place for months prior to the raid. Agents rented out the small house across the street from where the sect lived. Koresh and others made contact with these agents, knew who they were almost immediately, and freely invited them into their home. The lead agent is on record stating that he did not see very many weapons there and nothing of illegal nature.

In addition to weapons, none of the alleged drug making nor any signs of abuse were witnessed by the agents assigned to gather intelligence. In fact, in another act of entrapment, the agent himself brought in a converted weapon—or at least one that had been modified—and Koresh told the agent that the weapon was illegal and that he wanted nothing to do with it.

The ATF knew that the Davidians were selling guns to make money to support the people who all lived at Mount Carmel, the name of their residence. One of the members was a licensed gun dealer and inventory was frequently coming and going. Some of the women were even making clothing and accessories to sell at the gun shows as part of a kind of Branch Davidian brand.

The day of the raid, most of the weapons were actually not at Mt. Carmel because they had been loaded up to be taken to a gun show that was taking place in a neighboring town. Undercover agents had frequently gone to such gun shows in the past and surveilled the people working their tables and they found nothing illegal being sold.

Furthermore, the ATF had said that if it lost the element of surprise that they would call the entire raid off as they assumed that it would potentially lead to a firefight and lives could be lost. The undercover agents across the street had repeatedly told command that the Davidians knew they were coming and that there was no element of surprise.

But the whole thing was a canard. The local newspaper, working in conjunction with the ATF, had published a hit piece that debuted that day, and Koresh had already read it and knew that they were going to be raided.

The ATF alleges that the Davidians shot first. The Davidians say that the ATF shot first. Some surviving members claim that the ATF actually shot some of their dogs first and that’s what caused at least one member to open fire on the ATF. As I said, they are wont to shoot canines it seems.

With over 80 heavily armed and armored officers along with helicopters with snipers in them, it was clear that the ATF wanted a war from the get go.

And they got it.

Six Davidians were killed the initial day of the raid along with four ATF agents. There were numerous casualties including David Koresh, who was shot in the abdomen in the ensuing gun fight.

You’ve likely seen the pictures, like the one here, of the ATF agents scaling the walls and breaking in to the upper story windows. That is the room where they thought they would find the stash of illegal weapons. Or at least that’s what they say. The room was empty, not only because the legal weapons were carted off to a gun show, but also because they never stored weapons in that room to begin with.

In the ensuing standoff, familiar faces would join the party. The same Hostage Response Team from the FBI would come in and assume command.

Since nobody in Mt. Carmel was being held against their will, there were no “hostages” as such to release. As time would go on, various children and some of the adults would leave of their own free will. The entire story that the ATF concocted about the Davidians didn’t line up with reality, so none of the FBI’s demands made any sense to the inhabitants inside.

David wanted his theology to be known far and wide. He initially made an agreement to surrender if his doctrines would be broadcast on national television. In response, the FBI only allowed the message to be aired on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and even then, not it full and not on mainstream news. In turn David was angered that the Feds didn’t hold up their end of the bargain and the Feds got angered that David didn’t surrender after that.

As time would go on and the demonization would take place on all forms of media, armored tanks and sound systems were put in place. The tanks would wantonly roam the private property and crush any fences, cars or other obstacles they met. Tactically the FBI said they didn’t want anyone to have cover or concealment. Helicopters would routinely buzz by and hover over the building, scaring everyone inside. The sound systems would blare various different sounds at extremely high volumes all night. This could include dying rabbits, heavy metal music, laughter, pornographic moaning, drumming, and thumping sounds, etc. The babies and small children were horrified constantly and most could not sleep. This psychological warfare and trauma was meant to bring the people out supposedly, but it did nothing but solidify their positions.

Mount Carmel had no running water to begin with and the Feds cut the electricity right at the beginning of the standoff so there was also no heat inside the building. They also purposefully shot holes in their reserve water tanks so as to cut off most of their resources. When the mothers inside could no longer lactate due to the prolonged stress, the agents would not even agree to supply milk for the babies. They finally relented after some additional arbitration and under the condition that they were able to plant secret microphone bugs on each of the milk jugs.

The ATF and FBI could have left at any time. There was no need for the standoff. If they truly wanted David Koresh in custody they could easily get him. He was not hiding. But at this point millions of dollars had already been spent. It was estimated that five hundred thousand taxpayer dollars were spent every day of the standoff. Let that sink in for a minute. Politicians will never let money like that be spent to actually help citizens on a regular basis, but they will gladly spend it to lay siege to a small group of people living a somewhat alternative lifestyle in the middle of nowhere Texas, to score points and move the political zeitgeist along. That and for ad campaigns during an election year.

Remember they always play the long game.

Progress was finally made after a couple of theologians persuaded the FBI to allow David to write down his theology so that it could be formally presented. It was agreed that David would be allowed to make a manuscript and once it was finished then everyone would come out and surrender. Of course the Feds whittled the agreed upon time down to two weeks so it was never a doable timetable to begin with, but  they were never really going to allow him to finish it in the first place.

Arrangements had already been made clear up to the White House through then-Attorney General, Janet Reno, to send in the tanks.

These tanks were outfitted with long arms that were designed to smash through the walls and allow CS gas canisters to unleash their noxious fumes into the rooms. Keep in mind that CS gas is outlawed for use in war in virtually all countries. Guess it’s not outlawed to use against women and children in the good ‘ol U.S. of A.

In addition to the tanks, there were other gas rounds that were fired as projectiles into the Mt. Carmel structure. The after reports suggest that over 200 such grenade rounds were used against the Davidians. Many of the autopsies of those who died inside showed their bodies stretched and contorted as they suffocated and choked on the fumes. The fact is that most were dead long before the fire started. Some, many small children and women, had their heads smashed in by falling rubble caused from the tanks destroying the structural integrity of the building.

The “official” report says that there was a suicide pact amongst the Davidians and that they lit the fires in three locations. However, there were open flames in the building as they had no electricity and therefore were burning candles for light. The CS gas that was used becomes highly combustible when enclosed in compact areas. Subsequently all of the areas where the fires broke out had the highest concentration of gas.

Infrared video taken from helicopters that was never released to the general public also shows agents coming up from the rear of the building where no press was allowed. The proposed idea was that the FBI thought that the people would emerge out the back as they fled the gas coming in from the front. However the infrared footage shows unmistakable flashes of fully automatic gunfire issuing from the agents’ weapons. Autopsies on many corpses show them to be riddled with bullet holes, yet the official narrative is that they committed suicide by shooting each other.

Koresh, along with several of his closest friends within the sect, appear to have shot one another in their desperation. Who knows if they understood that most all of the remaining women and children had died? It’s hard to say. But it was not a suicide pact that all of the members were supposed to follow, that much is clear.

One surviving member who decided to turn State’s witness—in order to receive a lighter sentence—maintains that at one point during the standoff, select people were given live hand grenades and told that when the agents came again, if they were overwhelmed, they would all pull the pins. None of the other survivors report anything of this nature, nor do they believe that they had any actual explosive hand grenades within Mt. Carmel.

Seventy six people would die that day either by gas, bullets, flame or rubble. Twenty five of them were children and infants. To this day the government places all the blame in the hands of David Koresh. In the wake of the devastation and tragedy, almost no culpability was pinned on any government agency. In fact during later civil trials the courts maintained that the government could not be sued even if their use of CS gas and pyrotechnic devices were the cause of the fires.

Distrust and perhaps hatred of the FedGov would come in the ensuing months. We are told that on the anniversary of the Waco fire that one Timothy McVeigh blew up a bunch of small children in a daycare at the Oklahoma City Federal Building as retribution for what the government did at Waco and Ruby Ridge. Perhaps not coincidentally, the Columbine High shooting took place a day after the anniversary of the Waco fire.

Many “incidents” such as these tend to happen in the spring and fall months. March, April, September and October. Is it any real coincidence knowing that important Feasts of Yahuah occur during these times? The Beast is mocking the Most High.

In chess it’s always good to be several moves ahead. TPTSB are always several moves ahead. Slaves that attempt to walk off the plantation must be shown what the consequences are for doing so. And if there aren’t any viable candidates to make an example of then one must be made. Rituals must take place. Sacrifices must be made. The Powers demand them.

At the beginning of this paper I mentioned a movie on Netflix called In the Shadow of the Moon. I said it served as a bookend. The plot, for all intents and purposes, is not my focus here. It involves time travel and serial killers. If that piques your interest have at it. I would’ve probably never watched it, but the trailer automatically started to play at the menu and there was one scene that caught my attention. I’ll go with the requisite “spoiler alert” here and tell you to just stop reading now if that suits your fancy.

The twist of the movie is that the killer is going back in time in nine year stints during a full moon (cuz reasons) to eliminate people who will, in the future, basically form a group and fight the federal government. Your masters must be obeyed and followed as all costs. The programming continues.

The lie that is told is that peace and civility cannot exist in a power vacuum, but do we need the strong man to club us into obedience? Do marriages work only because a husband puts a gun to his wife’s head and demands that she love him? Power of force over others is not needed when we seek to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Messiah told us that, in contra distinction to the “Gentile” nations, we should not seek to lord it over our peers. Our love for others should define us. But, alas, not all will seek to love and serve. Many lust after power and crave ill gotten gain and violence.

Or worse.

There was a profound statement made by Alfred Pennyworth in the movie The Dark Knight. It is my estimation that most of, if not all the people in government, are summed up by his observation:

“…some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

Governments just make it look like a controlled fire.

– Justin





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