“CLIMATE CHAOS” DOES NOT EXIST IN A TERRARIUM | Reflections in Flat Earth from Prince Edward Island


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MY READERS WILL BY THEIR OWN RESEARCH CONCLUDE that a terrarium is self-sufficient for the needs of its ecosystem. That is my contention, anyhow. Had I known about the Doctrine of Flat Earth at an earlier time—that we are as the Bible claims living “in the Earth”—then I would have taken up this pressing matter long ago; that is, wrestling against the “climate chaos” crowd within my own camp, and doing so simply by adhering to what the Holy Ghosts testifies as true, rather than sitting idly by in the back row watching my gullible brothers and sisters in the faith volunteer to be scammed by Elite they so eagerly salute. No matter, I take an issue with it now.

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I think about David Latimer of Cranleigh, England, somewhere just north of 80 years-old at the moment of this writing, and last he recalls watering his favorite house plant, Richard Nixon was the sitting US President. It’s still thriving. Since that time—for the record, 1972—Latimer’s hardy spiderworts plant has grown to comfortably fill the 10-gallon bottle he first seeded on Easter Sunday, 1960, by surviving entirely on recycled air, nutrients, and water, with an added dosage of sunlight through the nearest window some 6-feet away —in short, photosynthesis. What we know of an enclosed garden system, as David Latimer’s experiment and countless others will most certainly attest to, is that such an eco-system is self-sustaining.

More importantly to this discussion, they and Mr. Latimer’s 10-gallon house-plant, as well as the self-enclosed terrarium the Bible describes us as living in, are in no need of government assistance or the taxpayer money demanded, with the backing threat of a prison sentence for those unwilling to pay, to line the pockets of its lawmakers with, all for their very existence and well-being. This will likely imply one thing for global warming, or climate change, or climate chaos, whatever the interchangeable title is today—it’s as I’ve already suggested and what so many of us know to be true in the Spirit; a complete hoax, and a scam, and likely even the greatest hustle among the present age of man.

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Climate chaos apologists will likely look at the collected data presented to them and call anyone who should oppose their overlords, on the basis of finding conflicting data, a “science denier.” I myself am no stranger to the term, and warmly welcome such a time-honored badge if Moses also should find inclusion in the conflict. My Flat Earth brethren will surely agree that the so-called denier of Scientism rejects it on the basis that he conducts his own research or analyzes all the data afforded to him, even the purposefully overlooked data, such as the healthy build-up of Arctic sea ice and the “cooked-book” data, where-as warming trends cannot be proven without it, and has the common sense to recognize a lie for what it is. An apologist however will eagerly accept an invite to the multi-million dollar beachfront property of climate spokesman Al Gore, should the handshake be extended, while the so-called denier will try to keep the amusement contained within him at the very prospect that Gore only recently purchased multi-million dollar beachfront property when, according to his flawless research, should have been buried underwater over a decade ago.

There are at least 60 times that I can find whereas the Bible refers to God’s creation as “in the Earth.” It suffices me to know there are a number of readers out there who will inevitably stumble upon this exhibiting necks well balanced on their shoulders and a head screwed on just sight, so that they may be able to visualize what the Holy Ghosts seeks to incur upon the reader when He pens the phrase. Knowing that we live below a solid firmament, specifically “in the earth,” and that the sun and the moon and the stars move about us, not mind you above the firmament where God resides, but underneath it, and that the very ground below my feet is the celestial floor by which I may observe the chandelier of our self-enclosed system with, I can then listen to what my Scientism overlords say concerning the sudden emergence of “climate chaos” in their fantastical billions of years of evolutionary timetable scenario, and compare it to the Bible’s 6,000 years of well-documented history, where much change has happened. This I do not deny, the change from our Creation week to the days we find ourselves in now, much as I do not deny the flood of Noah’s day. The Earth, specifically everything in the Earth, has always had a spectacular way of correcting itself.

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Amazing how our overlords talk and they talk and they talk, and how my fellow Christians praise them with the Greeks for their talk, and how when I hold the truth of the Word as a filter for my ears, I only see the animation of motor-mouths, for the most part. Anyhow, their continuous talk looks tiresome!

A needy person, when his attention is demanded of others, does not exhibit a desirable trait. And yet this is exactly what our government is, always in need of us—always in need to fight their wars and expand their personal interests and purchase their drugs and accept their vaccinations and line their gluttonous pockets with money, all which must coincide with a strict obedience to their evolutionary Sciences and most recently, the total disbanding of families.

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We can begin to see why the global New World Order should have no desire to recognize the Bible as true in their endless talk, especially the Doctrine of Flat Earth with its declaration of a terrarium, because they are in need of us far more than we of them. And who should fill the needs of anyone who submits to the Bible but God alone? It is clear that they do not want this of us, depending on the Lord for nourishment that is, rather than their governing body, nor do they wish the health of this terrarium, which is most certainly not in need of them, when their most recent crowning achievement, the Paris Climate Agreement, promises an endless supply of pockets to fill.

The politician arrives among the waving of flags, sometimes even placing his hand on the Bible, and with stars-and-stripes bleeding through the eyes of his onlookers, one or two of them is sure to turn to somebody like me, just before the continual march towards the cliff commences, and protest: “Why aren’t you contributing to the program?”

“I’m sorry,” is my response to that person, “I wasn’t able to hear anything that politician just said. I was using my Bible as a filter.”


Maranatha from Prince Edward Island!



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