Cattle Car Theology | FEMA Camp or the Guillotine?


Imagine yourself hauled off in a cattle car. Destination unknown. Maybe a re-education camp. Perhaps the guillotine. Who really know? Your captors will not say. Your crime against humanity is daring to be right when in fact the One World Order is a kangaroo court and almost everyone has embraced the wrong. You’re a threat—a disease. You irresponsibly rejected the cure while the “invisible enemy” lives inside. Look down upon yourself, at the clothes you are wearing and what personals they allowed you bring. They grabbed you in the night. There simply wasn’t time. You have practically nothing. It’s just you now.

You and YAHUAH.

The last five years have been good—no? Just five years ago, in the spring of 2015, the Spirit began opening our eyes to the truth of Cosmology, the reality of creation as Testified to in His Word. Everything changed. Suddenly, we saw the globe—and far more importantly, everything within the globe—as something we were handed from the very moment we were capable of walking in order to blind us to the reality of the BEAST system. And though we tried to warn others about the kingdom of darkness, most of our friends and loved ones obstinately hugged the globe to their bosom in order to embrace the counterfeit. They chose the beautiful lie. But we knew the truth. We knew, just as those who arrogantly mocked us knew, that this revelation had very little to do with the shape of the earth and everything to do with the shape of humanity.

The scales fell off. For the first time in our lives, we opened up Scripture with fresh eyes. We began searching it for answers and clues, and quickly discovered other truths.

More specifically, Truth itself.

Truth—as in, “Your righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, And Your Law is truth (Psalm 119:142).”

All over the world, on likely every continent and in every country, men and women began to wake up in rapid succession to the reality that the Law of YAHUAH is an eternal testimony to His character and beauty. We remembered the words of Hosea the Prophet when he wrote: His people were destroyed for lack of knowledge, because they ignored the Law of YAHUAH. Despite the ridicule of many, we began retreading the ancient path by learning how to be obedient to His instructions in righteousness. We came to realize that His Law is sound doctrine. And we did it simply because we heard the voice of our Shepherd, whom we loved. We loved Him. We loved who he was—his very character.

And so, we wanted to walk as He walked. And we knew this was coming. We knew the world would hate us for it, but only because it hated him first.

For many of us, this all started five years ago. And we knew it then. This was a latter-day rain. Joy filled our hearts. We were on a honeymoon with YAHUAH. But it wouldn’t last. There’s no possible way they’d let this slide. They’d begin a War if they had to. They’d have to invent an adversary, like the invisible enemy within us. We knew this was coming.

What good will it do us now—our endless conspiracy theories—if we crowd around our fellow prisoners in the cattle car (having already tired our friends and family with dire warnings of what is to come), but cannot quote a single Word of Scripture, in order that they too may be led to Truth?

What have we been doing all this time….?

They came in the night. And they stripped our Bibles from us. This is it. Until Yeshua returns to make all things new, or the angels come to gather us, or we die in the fight, there is a famine for reading the Word. When the accuser confronts us, in order to condemn us and lead us into temptation, what can we quote as a weapon against him? When our fellow prisoners’ thirst for the water and hunger for the bread of life, what have we memorized in order to feed them?

When that moment comes, what use will our wild theories, even our intimate knowledge of the shape of the earth, serve if we have not “hidden Thy Word in our hearts, that we may not sin against thee (Psalm 119:11)?”

Now is the time. While the enemy locks us in our homes, the Father intends it for good.

Pick up your Bible. Open it. Read it. Memorize it.

If not now—when?

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”
Psalm 119:105

Shalom, friends.