I’m detecting a lot of frustration online from those who are trying to wake everyone from this terrible spell and warn them about what is coming. We can’t save everyone. In fact, most will perish.

And that’s the grim reality.

Look, I get it. These are our loved ones. Our friends. Our church colleagues. Our spiritual leaders. Even our own family. If this is the midnight hour, as many of us suspect, then we’re likely to witness those who are very dear to us make some irreversible decisions on an eternal level. This will undoubtedly cause us unimaginable grief. The other night, I sat outside conjuring any number of faces whom I once broke bread with. I wept and then prayed for them. In fact, there’s a reason why John closes out Revelation with the following promise: “And Elohim shall wipe away every tear from their eyes (Revelation 21:4).”

According to Scripture, it will take YAHUAH to end the torrential agony we feel for those who chose the counterfeit and the delusion rather than the real thing—an inheritance incorruptible, reserved in heaven for those who persevere unto the end. Everyone else who chooses Satan’s inheritance, the beautiful lie, will receive their portion in the Lake of Fire. We know this is coming.

All we can do is shake the tree.

Shake it violently, if need be. Shake it in order that a few apples might fall.

That is our job, at any rate. We are simply expected to cast the seeds far and wide. Though admittedly, we need to put in a lot of overtime. Contrarily, it is YAHUAH’s job to wake the soul from their delirious hibernation state.

Let’s put it this way. If it’s not the Spirit who stirs them from the delusion, and if it is not the light of the Messiah whom their eyes are focusing in upon, then what are they ultimately waking to?

Humanism. Self-salvation. The inner-divine perhaps. Satan will gladly expose one lie in order to direct the soul to another.

Stay strong. Expose the darkness. And warn others of what is soon to come (and in fact, what is already here). But let YAHUAH do the heavy lifting. And just as importantly, let your actions, not simply your words, be your testimony.

May the lamp and the light of Torah shine through you this PASSOVER week, in order that those who remain in the darkness become deeply desirous of it.

I love you guys.