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KING ARTHUR HAD HIS MERLIN AND QUEEN ELIZABETH DID TOO, only we know him today as Dr. John Dee—or the gift which keeps on giving. Not only was he a mover and shaker behind Britain’s Empirical rule, he was the inspiration for the character Doctor Faustus, Shakespeare’s Prospero, and being a spy for His Majesty, Ian Fleming even borrowed Dee’s signature, “007.” His students included Francis Bacon, promoter of the “scientific method,” and the astronomer Thomas Diggs, who believed the universe to be infinite. As the Queen’s “science” adviser, his duties included astronomer, mathematician, navigator, spy, cabalist, alchemist, and perhaps most important of all, celestial necromancer.

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Dee once explained to the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II during a visit to Prague that he found no book which could teach him the truths he so longed for. Dee hoped communion with the angels would help him solve the mysteries of the heavens—certainly not as they were revealed by the Holy Ghost in the Bible and therefore accepted everywhere by God-fearing men and women of the faith. My discerning reader should immediately take note of which angels formed the opinions of the modern day universe then—certainly not those who are obedient to the Lord Almighty, for we know true servants of God, even our modern day scientists which I am accused of dishonoring, will not willingly contradict the Spirit. And yet they do—openly, knowing the Christian is gullible in these matters. I know. I myself used to be one of them.

England could and would not partake as a contributor to modern Science without John Dee. Yet it is no secret that he was a mystic. As he read the Talmud, the heavens were opened, giving direct contradiction to Christian teaching—or the Doctrine of Flat Earth. Dee organized this new transcendence of knowledge, mathematics, optics, astrology, science, and navigation, through the only available avenue to him, a polished obsidian mirror by which the angels would in turn appear.

Occultist Edward Kelley and he were friends. Together they conversed in what they referred to as the Enochian language, which was taught to them directly through their stones of obsidian. It was while on tour in Poland, giving lectures on magic and alchemy to the aristocratic Elite, Kelley was told by his celestial informants that the two were to swap wives—which they did for a night. Nine months later, Dee would raise Kelley’s son as his own.

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My reader will take note that Western Science derives from Hermetic thought and natural philosophy, a banner which it proudly waves to this day. John Dee was influenced by the two, as were the lot of them. He believed numbers formed the basis of all phenomena. The numerical value of his name, which he freely boasted of in his writings, was 666. Bacon too was involved with the occult, but unlike Queen Elizabeth, who openly confided in it, her successor King James was not so appreciative. As such, mathematics could cypher a number and geometry could present symbols for truth. Using them repeatedly in cryptic ways was important ritually for the occults survival.

From Hermeticism, Dee drew the belief that man had the potential for divine power, which could be exercised through mathematics. His ultimate goal was to help bring forth—pay attention, discerning Christian—a unified world religion. The recent breach of the Protestants from the Catholics, which we affectionately refer to as the Reformation, was not exactly smiled upon by many, and recapturing “pure theology” of the ancients in Hermeticism could and would be accomplished through the iron fist of Scientism.

And yet this is not the story which we who grew up in the church were told. We have been cleverly diverted in thought by our own leaders—sacked and blindfolded by the modern Creationist, who employs the very understanding of an infinite cosmos which magicians once conceived through angels and stones of obsidian, proudly justifying his cause by pointing fingers at the Darwinist as the great corrupter of “God’s perfect gifting” to humanity, which first arrived through the Occultist, and then to us.

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It is a science which serves no other master than he who seeks to splinter our Bible of truth.  Make no mistake about it, despite appearances; this is the church’s darkest hour. The congregation is held hostage by false doctrine, and we are, each one of us, in serious need of repentance.

I shall no doubt be accused again of dishonoring our great god-fearing Christian men of Scientism for penning this, as I often am. Then to you who refuse the complete Testimony of God concerning Himself and His Creation in the Holy Scripture—we call this the Doctrine of Flat Earth—all because you prefer confrontation with God Almighty rather than refusing the wisdom of the Sadducee and the Greek, I ask that you at least honor the unending honeymoon, this Scientific and technological Renaissance which you happily confide in, by acknowledging its forefathers.

The next time you pass a mirror, pause for a minute, flick the lights on and off in quick succession, and give thanks to it.


Maranatha from Prince Edward Island!



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