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The Lost World of Adam and Eve


WHAT would you call the reading material before us? Serious question. I’m asking. Edenic literature perhaps. Or how about Adamic literature? Of the two, I prefer the latter designation. Without a doubt, the books which you now hold in your lap is an entire genre unto itself. There’s a reason why Sha’ul called Yahusha HaMashiach the second A’dam, you know. It’s because the Bible contains within it several genres cleverly woven together, and Adamic literature has its part to play. No, A’dam and Havah’s expulsion from Paradise isn’t simply a passing origins story which is expected to take up the first few chapters of our Bible. I checked. His-Story ends where it begins—in Paradise.

Whosoever has ears must hear what the Ruach says to the assembly. Whosoever overcomes, will eat from the tree of life, which is in the Garden of Eden.

The Confidential Counsels of Yahuah: Hebrew Revelation 2:7

Most people don’t seem to pick up on the fact that A’dam and Havah were placed in heaven, or rather, that a slice of heaven was situated upon the earth at one time. Even in the 66-book Roman Canon, it’s there if you want to look for it. Their expected role was to be a royal priesthood over the ha-adam, which is to say, humanity. You and I both know what happened though. They failed. Miserably so. And quite the tumble too. Their expulsion not only landed them onto the earth, but to She’ol below. The sons of Sheth as well as the sons of Qayin followed in their wake. The good thing about Adamic literature is that it doesn’t end there though. You may have already noticed, had you glanced over the table of contents, how there is contained within this collection two separate gospels. Neither of course are in Roman Canon. They tell of why Yahusha HaMashiach came, even to the lowest portions of the earth. It was to save his dear friend A’dam from She’ol.

I’ve probably already given away too much. Believe me though that there are still plenty of more surprises to be had. I simply didn’t want you to be confused about why ‘The Gospel of Nicodemus’ and ‘The Gospel of Bartholomew’ are included. It is because Adamic literature involves a great swath of Biblical storytelling, not simply fillers for the first few chapters of Genesis. Indeed, the genre is an associate with some of the greatest mile markers of His-Story, including what is to come.

I will leave you on that note then. Eden is still the destination of every man, woman, or child of A’dam who overcomes this world. How do we overcome but to walk as Yahusha HaMashiach walked? Because he is the spotless lamb, it will no doubt take penitence on our part. He is of course the second A’dam, and as such, our office of High-Priest and King. That’s what we are all also appointed to, you know. A royal priesthood. The first A’dam forsook his office when, at the serpents’ request, he chose to rebel against the kingdom. You will see his restoration by way of penitence in the pages to follow, but the tension remains for you and me. Will we elect to be a priest of Elohiym, or will we disobey our calling? Heaven awaits your answer.

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

Kepha Ri’shon (1 Peter) 2:9 [Cepher]

Becoming a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and a peculiar people was the calling for A’dam and Havah, just as it is for the children of Yashar’el today. I will say this again because it deserves repeating. We are to walk as Yahusha HaMashiach walked, and he embodied all of these things. May this collection of Adamic literature be as much a blessing to you as it has been to my own journey in truth.


Noel Joshua Hadley

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