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The Hidden Hand of Camelot


WE are only ever given the illusion of choice. In The Sixties, you could fight the war in Vietnam or oppose the narrative by joining the counterculture anti-war movement. Problem is, the Gulf of Tonkin was a hoax. Then again, even rock n’ roll and the hippie was created by Intel. And there you have it. Choose your illusion. It’s all psychodrama, intended for the alchemical transformation of the soul. The following book covers the years 1960-1968, and is the first in a new series detailing the Intel run psyops that make up the perceived reality of modern history. Within these pages we shall see that John F. Kennedy was never assassinated. Neither was RFK. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which the 1967 Six-Day War seemingly revolved around, is a deliberate hoax. And Marilyn Monroe wasn’t even a woman. 2 Kings 9:22 tells us that Queen Jezebel ruled her kingdom by magic. Centuries later and nothing has changed. The MK-Ultra program is intended for all of humanity. There can be no shalom, so long as the world is ruled by psychodrama.