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The Hidden Hand of Camelot


The second edition to ‘The Hidden Hand of Camelot’ is a massive expansion and improvement from the first. In this one I have dusted off the JFK Assassination Hoax paper and added new details, including two sections dealing with the Mandela Effect. My papers on ‘The Trickster and Lucille Ball,’ ‘The George Reeves Muder-Suicide Hoax,’ ‘Robert Frost vs. The Copernican Revolution,’ and ‘The Earth Is Not a Spinning Ball, Charlie Brown!’ have been inserted. Also included in this edition is the complete ‘From JFK To Jonestown’ five-part series, which has also been given a much needed overhaul. 

Another fun feature are the two back cover variants. The hardcover features the Kennedy half dollar whereas the soft is a can of Campbell’s soup. 



The Trickster and Lucille Ball. 11

Superman’s Curse: The George Reeves Murder-Suicide Was a Hoax. 37

The Man In Marilyn Monroe. 73

Robert Frost vs. The Copernican Revolution.. 101

The JFK Assassination Was a Hoax. 113

Agent Zapruder Exposed.. 115

Frame 313 Exposed.. 131

The JFK Assassination Mandela Effect. 153

The Rocket: Or Why History Is Written by Ray Bradbury and Not You (a Short Review) 163

The CIA in ART.. 169

The Secret to Success Is Having Your Picture Taken with Andy Warhol 181

The First Hippie Shall Be the Last: Charlie Manson, Meet Vito and the Freaks. 191

The Earth Is Not a Spinning Ball, Charlie Brown! 205

From JFK To Jonestown.. 229

The Haight-Ashbury Connection.. 230

The 1967 March to the Pentagon Was an Intel Psyop. 247

The RFK Assassination Was a Hoax. 269

The Patty Hearst Kidnapping Was a Hoax. 287

Nobody Drank the Kool-Aid at Jonestown.. 317