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The Books of Pauly Hart


Here at TUC, we are excited to team up with author Pauly Hart and promote his excellent penmanship. At this time, TUC only ships Pauly’s books to the United States.

Biblical Cosmology

“The Bible teaches Cosmology. It is ancient and not secret. Many today have questions about what the Bible teaches. This is one of the only books you will need as a reference guide for the subject. Biblical Cosmology is the study of how the Bible teaches the workings of the cosmos. This book is an exhaustive study on the topic of Biblical Cosmology.”

The Book of Lamach of Cain: A Pseudepigrapha 

‘The Book of Lamach of Cain’ is an imaginative retelling of the pre-diluvian son of Cain. 84 pages. Paperback.

An Uncomfortable and Disastrous Creature

‘An Uncomfortable and Disastrous Creature’ is a work of fiction though it includes both Pauly and Noel Joshua Hadley in the narrative. 55-pages. Paperback.

Please Kick Me Out of Your Church

‘Please Kick Me Out of Your Church’ is also a work of fiction though it is based upon Pauly’s personal experience of eating Passover meal at author Noel Joshua Hadley’s house. 64-pages. Paperback.

The Word of Yahweh unto Enoch: A Pseudepigrapha

‘The Word of Yahweh unto Enoch: A Pseudepigrapha’ is an imaginative retelling of the pre-diluvian Enoch’s story. “At age 50, Enoch is called to visit two cities and proclaim His name to them.” 101 pages. Paperback.

Testament of Job: In Modern English And Original Translation

Now simply known as “Testament of Job,” this book was written somewhere around the time of Christ, ranging from the first century BC to the first century AD. It is not clear when it was penned, but the earliest copy found was a manuscript in Coptic, dating around the 5th century, AD. Surviving copies have also been found in Greek and Slavonic.

The testament that you now have isn’t anything to change your theology over. It’s a story, maybe somewhat important in understanding the mind of Job, through the original author’s pen… Or quill… Or chisel. But it’s a story nonetheless about a man named Job, the same one that we read about in “The Book of Job” which is part of the authorized canon of both Jewish and Christian faiths.

There are some distinct similarities in this book to the above mentioned, and there are some glaring differences. Yes, Job is tempted and put through trials by Satan. But the Satan that appears in this book is of more evil intent. The Satan that appears in the original book is a type of lawyer, a type of schoolmaster, daring Yahweh Elohim to prove how much his creations love Him.

88-pages. Paperback.

Tate’s Hell: The Full Story

The story of Ceb Tate. His life, his journey, his adventures, and his ultimate demise. 46-pages. Paperback.

We regret that we are unable to ship these titles outside of the U.S.