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The Books of Pamela Glasgow


Pamela Glasgow is actively translating Scripture from the Paleo-Hebrew. She is currently working to complete Psalms as well as the Torah. Thank you everyone who has helped to support this massive project.

“When I came to Torah, when I realized that ALAHAYAM’s instructions for righteous living are true and applicable for us, I decided I needed to know what He requires of us. So, I began searching the texts, but there seemed to be conflicts between the English translations. This lead me to the Paleo. My journey took me into the Psalms and, ultimately, the Torah.

I began translating the first five books of the Torah for myself because I needed to know.”


Currently in the series


Psalms from the Paleo: Volume I

Psalms from the Paleo: Volume II

BARASHAYATH: The First Book of Moses