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The Angel She Desired


I’m finally getting around to a second edition of The Angel She Desired and much has changed. My serpent seed research is ever still present though vastly improved. This time around I chronicle the children of Ham as serpent seed heirs. But then I’ve also included pages of research into pre-existence, as both themes are closely related.


The Angel She Desired: Serpent Seed  9

The Earth Is a Womb. 25

The Conscious Cosmology 28

The Hungry Earth. 32

The Firmament Obeys. 36

The Sun and His Chariot. 39

The Inner-Dimensional Rooster. 42

The Moon Recited a False Report. 49

Preexistence. 55

Preexistence and the Angel of the Night. 67

Serpent Seed and the Children of the Watchers: The Preexistence Problem.. 79

The Preexistence of the Righteous. 87

A Conclusion to the Current Discussion: The Eternal Works of Torah. 100

The Two Creation Contradiction: Paradise and the Mountain of Worship. 103

Genesis 6: Sons of Sheth or Sons of Elohim or Both?. 113

The First Melchizedek and the City of Enoch. 131

The Birth of Noach: Man, or Angel?. 143

The Many Wives of Noach: Who Actually Landed on the Ark?. 155

Cham’s Mystery Children: Elohiym Among Men. 171

Introduction: The Sin of Cham.. 173

The Sin of Cham Finally Explained.. 175

Will the Real Cham Please Stand Up?. 189

The Mystery Children Finally Revealed.. 199

Noach’s Vineyard: The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Connection.. 219

The Lost Plague of Egypt: Erectile Dysfunction. 231

Nimrod’s Children: Hagar, Handmaiden of Sarah, Princess of Egypt 245

Nimrod’s Children: Eliezer (Heir of Avraham) 253

Yahudah and Tamar and the Sons of Serpent Seed.. 261

The Immaculate Conception as Victory Over the Seed of the Serpent. 279

Only the Prophets Foresaw His Coming.. 295

The Temptation of Yahusha: Satan Still Didn’t Have a Clue. 303

The Resurrection of the Dead Already Happened.. 309

Fulfilled Promises. 321