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Simply Prodigal (Hebrew rock)


Simply Prodigal is Alternative Hebraic Rock music, composed of Jake Grants (of Rob Skiba’s Virtual House Church) on vocals, and Adam Fink of Parable of the Vineyard on Guitar. This CD features some of our most popular songs to date, as featured on Youtube with fun and thought provoking Music videos. The group aspires to create a new take on Faith based music, deep diving into the scriptures for inspiration to write each song.
Release date: 2022
1.  Wake up the People! 2.  Riding on the Cherubim
3.  Voice from the Throne 4.  You’re all we need
5.  Seed of Abraham 6.  All we want to hear
7.  The Aaronic Priestly Blessing 8.  The Song of Sukkot
9.  Seek His Face 10.  The Ten Commandments Song6