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Psalms from the Paleo-Hebrew: Volume II


“I discovered the Paleo-Hebrew kathub not long after I came to Torah. It came as a shock to me, When I realized that ALAHAYAM’s instructions for righteous living were as true and applicable today as they were when the HIGHEST ALAHAYAM first gave them to humanity. That being said, since the Torah was true and since the faithful of YAHA’UAHA were expected to follow His path, then I decided that I needed to know His way and His expectations.

Unfortunately, there were conflicting accounts as to what His way actually entailed.

Thus, I felt it imperative that I investigate and find out for myself exactly what scripture was declaring. I was led to the Paleo-Hebrew and the process of learning became a journey, a pilgrimage to an ancient time and an ancient people. I discovered the beauty of their language and the rhythms of their lives and speech.

The path has not without conflict. The more I delved into the Paleo-Hebrew, the more I realized the discrepancies between what some translations were saying the words meant and what I was reading in the Paleo before me. There is a certain timidity in going against accepted practices.

The work before you is not a mechanical translation nor is it a one-word-for-one-word exchange from the Paleo-Hebrew to English. We have those. This work is a lyrical adaptation of the possibilities hidden in the Paleo-Hebrew kathub, arranged with consideration for the poetic and musical intent of the writer. I had attempted to translate the words the same way each time I encountered it. I have also attempted to convey Ancient Hebraic thought and idioms in the manner they occur in the Paleo-Hebrew.

I pray that you are enriched with the reaching as I was in the transcribing.”

-Pamela Glasgow

PSALMS from the Paleo-Hebrew Volume II includes Pamela Glasgow’s translations of Psalm 42 – 72.