Next Exit: the far side of cognitive concurrence

The Goat of Affliction

THE GOAT OF AFFLICTION (Yom Kippur, more than we’ve been told.)   “For I have chosen him, so that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of YHWH by doing righteousness and justice, so that YHWH may bring upon Abraham what He has...

Zen Garcia Vs. Globe Earth: The Key to Unlocking the True Cosmology

From the time of my January 2015 Flat Earth awakening to the August 2017 "Globe Versus Flat Earth Debate" with Dr. Stephen Pidgeon—hosted by Stephen and Jana Ben-noon of Israeli News Live here in Atlanta, Georgia—I have published three books on biblical cosmology and...

Pearl Harbor was a Purposeful Pawn in the Game of Power

In 1914 world-champion chess player Frank Marshall wrote a book about his controversial methods and tactics entitled, Marshall’s Chess “Swindles”. In the game, a swindle is a tactic whereby a player who is clearly losing makes a move or set of moves that is a ruse to...

Seriously, What Does It Matter If the Diary of Anne Frank Is a Hoax?

THE ANNE FRANK House in Amsterdam has made it abundantly clear that they will seek legal action against anyone who doubts the official narrative—which just so happens to be their narrative. It's on their website. I'm only one or two sentences in, and already you...

The Tent of Appointed Times: Israel’s Clock, Calendar, and Compass

The last decade has not only seen its share of unique astronomical events—such as eclipse sets and prophetic planetary alignments in particular houses of the zodiac—it has also seen an exponential increase in public interest in the ancient Biblical calendar and return...

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Spiritual Egypt, the Origins of Globe Earth, & the Flat Earth International Conference 2019

Spiritual Egypt, the Origins of Globe Earth, & the Flat Earth International Conference 2019

IF THE EARTH IS TRULY 6,000 YEARS OLD, then consider the fact that main stream "Science" has pushed the globe Earth narrative for nearly half that long, even before Yeshua walked the Earth, and probably much longer. This is of course assuming the timetable presented...

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