Oklahoma City: The Forgotten False Flag

by | Jun 26, 2020

GREEN LAKE, Wisconsin is beautiful in the summer. I have fond memories of fishing in that lake. I also have fond memories of the seemingly endless tornadic activity terrorizing the village along with neighboring towns such as Ripon and Berlin. Fond memories, too, as that place was also where my awakening journey would really begin, even if I didn’t know it at the time.

It was the summer of 1995. A short couple of months earlier, the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was partially blown up, we’re told, by a fertilizer bomb inside a Ryder moving truck that was parked out front just after 9AM on April 19th.  I had just turned 13 a month prior, but I can vividly remember seeing the footage of the remains of the building and thinking to myself, How does a building collapse like that from a bomb detonated from outside? The building is many stories tall. It looks like something blew up on the inside and caused the floors to crumble down. Oh, there were other questions as well, but my teenage self was seemingly stuck on that one. It was really the first news story I paid attention to; the first time outside of MTV that the news media turned me into an Alpha wave-producing, drooling idiot. Hook. Line. Sinker.  I’m somewhat of a dreamer, I’m told, so apparently my head is in the clouds a lot. But for some reason, as this story unfolded, I found myself being pulled back down to earth, mesmerized by the stories surrounding this shocking event. As it turns out, my zombification wouldn’t last long…

In Wisconsin my family had settled in, this being the 2nd year there, and they had started to make new friends and acquaintances. One day, I’m not really sure of the circumstances – I guess I’ve never thought to ask – we found ourselves at a farmstead. A group of kindly gentlemen were all standing around talking while I could hear pop, pop, popopopop in the not too far distance. Soon I found a jolly Ol’ Saint Nick looking guy asking me if I wanted to try out his Desert Eagle. Did I? Boy, did I! This was the hand cannon of pistols that would one day become legend from Hollywood movies and, of course, video games. What I didn’t know is that St. Nick had loaded the magazine with low-powered target loads of handmade ammunition – except for the last round in the mag. That one was the full on real deal 50 caliber boom shot. After the first few pews I remember, through my ear-to-ear grin, glibly stating, “This isn’t bad at all. I thought it would kick way more!” The men standing around were all knowingly chuckling and trying to contain their mirth. As I pulled the trigger on that last round – BOOOOOOM!!!! – it took all I had to keep from getting a Magnum Research, Inc. logo permanently stamped on my forehead. I didn’t fault St. Nick for the trick. I was in awe of the sheer power of the thing I held in my hands.

Wikipedia tells us that within 90 minutes of the bomb going off, one Timothy McVeigh was stopped by an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman for driving without a license plate and pistol permit for the Glock he was rocking. Convenient. We’re also told, rather breezily, that forensic evidence “quickly linked” McVeigh and handler partner in crime Terry Nichols and they were charged within days. Wikipedia uses soft words to tell us that the pair were motivated by their dislike for the U.S. Government and how they were unhappy about the handling of Ruby Ridge and the Waco siege in the preceding years.

After this information came to light all of the news media began to pontificate about the surge in right-wing, white-supremacist armed militia groups and all of their inherent danger to society. In reality most of these groups were either ATF/FBI/CIA funded and infiltrated groups just trying to will their worst fears into existence, or a bunch of patriotic American dudes LARPing in the woods with their commando gear while enjoying their 2nd amendment rights. It just so happens that the Alphabet Agencies had no problems creating the carnage they so eagerly desired. The playbook had already been written and all they needed were the right players to execute the game plan.

Back on the farm, after mag-dumping a 75-round drum on an AK47 we were told that everyone was gathering in the house to talk about some important stuff. I remember a few gentleman talking about freedom and how we were gradually losing it, general anti-government sentiments, the 1994 “assault” weapons ban and taxation being theft among other things. It was certainly information that I wasn’t being taught in the public school system. And I certainly wasn’t hearing any racist commentary, nor was anyone advocating for violence. These were people who genuinely loved their country and their freedoms. There was the hint of fear in the air at the potential loss of a way of life. Many of them had served in the military prior and, like Smedley Butler, knew that war was a rich man’s racket. Intermingled with the political banter was also some religious talk – mostly centered on Revelation and prophecy and the timing of things and who the antichrist might be. Shortly after the opening conversations, a tape player was brought out and we were all told to quiet down as a member of their group was able to get their hands on some valuable information that everyone needed to hear. Apparently, someone in the group had friends in law enforcement and military circles who had leaked some information because it had not gained any traction in the news media, although it was already being deemed a conspiracy theory. The dreaded C-word. And remember, this was ’95, so there was no Youtube or Facebook to post to. No Project Veritas to make an exposé. Outside of the fledgling internet chat rooms, there was no other forum but private, public gatherings to share information such as this.



The tape proceeded to play first responder radio chatter of those who had arrived on scene at the Murrah Building that day. The first voice chimed in and said that they had found an unexploded bomb inside the building. It had U.S. Army markings on it and they read off a serial number that was emblazoned on the side of it. Shortly after a second voice came on and said they had found a similar device also undetonated on another interior side of the building that also had similar markings. Another serial number was read off. Someone in the group chimed in that they had traced those serial numbers back to a particular military base, of which I cannot recall now.

How does a building collapse like that from a bomb detonated from outside?

If you are a frequent reader of this site, then by now you’ll hear Noel screaming, “Spooks, spooks everywhere!” And even a casual read of the Wikipedia entry on the Oklahoma City Bombing should raise red flags to anyone who is even halfway awake.  Both McVeigh and Nichols were military and received extensive training in the Army. Another person involved, Michael Fortier, was McVeigh’s Army roommate. Significantly, or not, the attack was planned for the 2 year anniversary of the Waco siege and the 220th anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord of American Revolution fame. I say or not because the timing we’re told about is more than likely just a red herring to get the public to take the bait. The real timing behind the event is something far more sinister and something we see repeated if we dare to look.

As the tape played my mind was reeling. Things I had never thought about started going through my 13 year old head:

How did they get Army explosives?

Was the government in on this?

Aren’t they the good guys?

I mean, this was America, land of the free and home of the brave, right?

Surely this was just the work of an anti-government zealot!

All would be dispelled as the man who had brought the tape explained that his sources had also witnessed taped law enforcement interviews with McVeigh. He was trying to procure copies of them to share with the group at a later date. According to what was explained in those interviews, the bombs – yes bombs – were supposed to be detonated, along with the truck bomb, much earlier in the morning. His alarm didn’t go off and he overslept. Panicked, he tried to call his handlers compatriots, but with no further direction he decided to continue on with the plan. The directive was for there to be little to no human casualties. It was simply meant to be a cover to stoke fears to allow for expedient passage of new legislation and, more covertly, get rid of some very important evidence that some people very high up did not want to get out to the public.

Much like Lee Harvey Oswald, it’s obvious that McVeigh was a Manchurian Candidate, a mere patsy. Although he didn’t use the terms himself, the things he said and the way he acted were right out of the project MKULTRA and MKOFTEN playbooks. He was made into a true believer. Add in the mix that McVeigh and Fortier were associates with Andreas Strassmeir, the grandson of the founder of the Nazi party. In 1993 Strassmeir was head of security for – I can’t make this up – Elohim City; a 400-acre compound on the Arkansas-Oklahoma border said to be run by white supremacists. And again, like Oswald, in the time leading up to and around the incident there were all sorts of supposed sightings and conflicting information. What started out portrayed as a lone wolf incident quickly morphed into a 2-man operation. But eye witness sightings of a John Doe quickly turned into sightings of at least two other men involved who could not be positively identified.  And this was in addition to Fortier and his wife Lori.



Ultimately McVeigh would be sentenced to death. Terry Nichols would avoid that fate, but is currently serving a life sentence without parole. Punishment for a botched job? Michael Fortier would be given a twelve year sentence in exchange for his testimony against McVeigh and his wife Lori would be completely acquitted for her added input. Convenient. Fortier was released in 2006 after serving ten and half years and is now supposedly in witness protection. McVeigh and Nichols were both sent to the same Colorado super-max prison as Unabomber Ted Kacyznski and oft-forgotten 1993 World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef. You know you’ve “made it” when you’re surrounded by celebrities, I guess. Before his execution in 2001, McVeigh even had an authorized biography written called American Terrorist. On the day of his death he made no last statement but did leave behind a handwritten copy of the poem Invictus. The last lines are: I am master of my fate / I am the captain of my soul. How ironic.

Even more ironic, as the speaker on that Wisconsin farm continued to elaborate on why the bombing was conducted, he said there was a paper trail that showed the POTUS was making sure that the evidence surrounding the events that had happened in Mena, Arkansas in the decades prior had been delivered to the Murrah Building along with some other damning information so that they could be cremated once and for all. Events that transpired before and during the time he was the governor of the State of Arkansas. If you want to know more about those events and what happened to Barry Seal, maybe you’ll have to wait for a future paper. In the meantime you could treat yourself to the Tom Cruise starring Hollywood movie American Made as a primer. They just love to tell you about their exploits. In addition to that there was this little thing called the Whitewater Scandal going on at the time that was also obscured by the bombing. You watch the ritual and poof! things you once cared about no longer matter and they leave your head. While the left hand is doing the magic trick the right hand is moving in sleight of hand and you do not see. Do you see?

After the tape was played and the conversations ensued, any of the kids present were mostly left to themselves. The immediate ramifications perhaps lost on most; but for some, like me, it kindled a fire to want to know more about things that we don’t see or hear on the nightly news. I wanted to know more about the things that were said about the Bible that I wasn’t hearing in a church. It opened up the world to me and helped me to understand at an early age that the world is really a stage and actors come in all forms. Now at this point, you may be asking yourself, was the tape legit? Who had procured it? Was this information true? Factually, all I can say is that I know what I heard that day and the convictions of the people relaying the information. In my subsequent investigations into the matter I am convinced that the details of that day were accurate. I would encourage the reader to do the same investigating. The noose is tightening around truth day by day and it is getting harder and harder to find what was once almost readily available for anyone who cared to look.  But what I do know is that years later, and almost three months to the date of McVeigh’s execution, my young adult self already understood what was happening as I watched two buildings collapse in free fall after being told they were struck by rogue airliners.

Oh, and about the real reason for the timing of the ritual. April 19th. September 11th. Just curious, since I wasn’t tracking Yahuah’s feasts and Moedim at that time, does anyone know when Passover was according to the various calendars in the spring of 1995?




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