“MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH…..(Globe Earth, That Is.)” | Reflections in Flat Earth from Nova Scotia


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THE PROTESTANT REFORMERS WERE CERTAINLY NOT SHY when promoting the Roman Catholic Church as “the Whore of Babylon.” Indeed, Greco-Roman culture had infiltrated its every rank of papacy, despite Roman Catholicism’s claim to the contrary, a position they hold to this very day. Pagan ceremonies, many of which funneled through Pergamum, were cleverly masked with Christian symmetry, once Emperor Constantine successfully merged the two together. As such, heathen festivals were converted into ‘Holy Days’ so that deities of solar monism such as Mithras or the Spring Equinox and Esther could be upheld by its devotees. Saints stood in for occultist idols, just as Mary the Mother of Christ stood in for the Vestal Virgins. Transubstantiation seemed to originate with the rest of them, not only with the reemergence of Aristotle, but in the various hidden mystery schools of Greece and ancient Egypt and Babylon, and in such a way that a devotee to that serpent of old could worship him in plain sight.

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Even the pope’s title, which he proudly wears on his crown, is VICARIUS FILII DEI, or Vicar of Christ. Strange indeed, since he is making a blasphemous and totally unashamed statement that he is publically taking the office of our High Priest, Yeshua Hamashiach. Martin Luther and the Reformers were certainly not shy of this either, rightly labeling him his Greek-language counterpart rather than the Latin, Anti-Christ. For this is what he is, by his own disclosure. And the number of his name is 666.

“Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.” 1 John 2:18

Yes, it certainly is strange in light of this, should the modern Christian consider the Jesuit a friend to him. He is certainly no companion with the authority of Scripture. Indeed, the Reformation must be an unpleasant feculence in the pages of church history for that obtuse Christian who eagerly attempts harmony with the very totalitarian institution, and the Jesuit Pope they’ve recently put into power, which formed only out of a perverse necessity to sever and destroy Luther, Calvin, Knox, and their band of Scriptural-obedient rebels with a counter-reformation of the their own.

It is said of the Spanish noble Ignatius Loyola that, while lying wounded with fits of fever in a hospital bed, a vision of the Virgin Mary encouraged him to found the Society of Jesus in 1534. The Protestant historian Wylie writes, “he who lay down on his bed the fiery soldier of the emperor rose from it the yet more fiery soldier of the pope.”

Loyola developed homespun “spiritual exercises” in order to bring his devotees to godly perfection. In their own words, Jesuits were to be “corpse or cadaver” in order to “unhesitatingly obey” the will of their superiors. Through systematic meditation, prayer, contemplation, visualization, and illumination, Loyola and his followers would mystically slink and slither into trances of ecstasy, where they might encounter the face of God or Christ in person. He was even seen to levitate off the floor, as have many Jesuits completely under satanic power, and reportedly even worked himself to such enlightenment as to ascend to the heights of heaven. All Loyola truly succeeded in doing is refitting witchcraft with a Christian mask over it. And it worked.

“And it must be confessed,” writes Wylie, “that these new soldiers did more than all the armies of France and Spain to stem the tide of Protestant success, and bind victory once more to the banners of Rome.”

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While pushing the Protestants back on all fronts, the Jesuits succeeded in administering a strict coherence to Roman Catholicism, particularly at the Council of Trent, which was fully predicated on ecclesiastical tradition. During Trent’s final session, the arch bishop of Reggio awarded church tradition as the final authority over Scripture. Indeed, in their insistence on Scripture Alone, the Reformers had succeeded in stirring the pot, and the result was thus: the Roman Catholic Church, having sold its soul to the Devil himself, mustered the motivation to grasp supreme dominance over the world.

This cannot be overstated; the Catholic Church was the motivating force behind Copernicus, persistently urging their reluctant cleric to spread the heliocentric model which openly contradicted and ridiculed the Scripture. With Copernicus’ deathbed publication made open to the public, On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, the apostates now had an army to back them. Jesuits were the perfect instruments to effect a clandestine operation, amending public opinion in the authority of Scripture, the Creation, and ultimately its Creator as they saw fit.

Together they planned an evil which not one collected generation of human souls could dream of aspiring to or accomplishing on its own. Work of supernatural influence was manifest in their renowned prowess, succeeding at everything the Order of Jesus attempted, by infiltrating all levels of world government and institutions of learning, from the lowest education to the highest form, deceiving even protestant congregations where they could. For the first time in church history it’s leaders, whom Yeshua Hamashiach had once entrusted the keys of His kingdom to, were now under demonic influence.

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If the Kabbalists were responsible for originating the globe delusion and the Big Bang which later helped to explain the creation of it, the Jesuits surely had their part in sponsoring and spreading it. Father Andrew Pinsent serves on the Faculty of Theology at Oxford University. He holds advanced degrees in theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome as well as a doctorate in philosophy, and a doctorate in particle physics from Oxford. In 2015 he stated: “Being both a priest and a former particle physicist at CERN, I am often asked to give talks on faith and science. Quite often young people ask me the following question, “How can you be a priest and believe in the Big Bang?” To which I am delighted to respond, “We invented it! Or more precisely, Fr Georges Lemaître invented the theory that is today called the ‘Big Bang’ and everyone should know about him.”

The author of the Big Bang Theory was none other than a Jesuit-trained priest, Father Georges Lemaître. After once hearing his presentation on the matter, Einstein famously applauded and said, “This is the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I have ever listened!”

Was it not our very own Jesuit Pope Francis who said, “The Big Bang, that today is considered to be the origin of the world, does not contradict the creative intervention of God; on the contrary, it requires it.”

For a church that wickedly denies the authority of Scripture, placing its trust wholly on priestly institutions, it should turn the head of any God-fearing Christian to learn that the religious Jesuits have produced more star-gazing astronomers than any other group of men. That the Vatican owns and operates NASA’s most powerful telescope in the world, LUCIFER, should keep the God-fearing Christian’s full attention.

Follow from cause to effect: it was the Catholic Church which pushed the agenda of their hesitant cleric to the forefront, thereby dismissing the very Biblical cosmology of a flat, stationary Earth which they had been entrusted with protecting. It was the Catholic Church, undeniably under the guide of the Jesuits, who altered the entire calendar into the Gregorian we honor today, so that we wouldn’t know the times, let alone the true week or day in which we live. With a globe earth circling the sun now firmly fixed in the mind of every child (and with billions of other planets equally adhering to distant suns, which will expand with the child’s developing consciousness), the path was paved for Darwin and the Big Bang. The child is now insignificant to the order of God’s thoughts, as He apparently has business elsewhere to attend to. Indeed, the child may someday attempt to merge the two, evolution with creation—all under the Pope’s orders—but such a thought will not flow from the mind of the once-innocent child, before he was handed that globe, nor does it spring from God Almighty, for it does a far superior job of driving  both children and men alike away from Him, rather than shepherding them into the fold.

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It’s ironic really—by adhering to Scripture Alone as their bedrock of authority, and rightly so, the Protestant Reformers seemingly managed to whip the devil into submission, at least by their reckoning. But far from it! Certainly, by her mere association with alchemy and the hidden mystery schools which dominated her worship, the Roman Catholic Church was exposed as an STD to the Gospel, Revelation’s Whore of Babylon, just as the Pope made himself known as the Anti-Christ, to anyone with ears of discretion, who seeks no other purpose but to drive children and men away from God.

If Pope Francis is claiming that Luther’s Reformation is over, it’s only because he has the inside information which so few of us are willing to take into our own private council. Satan, being not so threatened by the measly whipping of a few, simply turned his tormentors gaze from those lies they found so appalling, seemingly small in retrospect, to a far greater conspiracy in which they could all mutually agree upon—being wholly beautiful to them. The church fled from one City of Destruction into the Metropolis of another.

Listen to me carefully, my fellow brother and sister in the faith. We will never—NO, NEVER—escape our adulterous bondage with Mystery Babylon until we cast down every human institution and governing authority—not by physical means, mind you—which seeks to supplant the Lord’s Testimony concerning Himself and fully conform, to the best of our spiritual ability and know-how, to the simplistic freedoms which we find in Scripture Alone.

“And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.” Revelation 17:5 (KJV)

Maranatha from Nova Scotia!




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