Lincoln and the Magic Bullet | The Assassination Hoax of 1865

Noel Joshua Hadley

On April 15, 1865, President Lincoln was said to be shot in the back of the head, point blank range, with a .44 caliber pistol. Lincoln’s body would then be granted a grand and ghoulish odyssey for the American public, though the public at large received no photograph of President Lincoln’s body in a casket until 1952. Consider that the photo of assassin John Wilkes Booth’s dead body has yet to be displayed, dispite claims that one was taken. With no photographic evidence of the President to show, Americans would be presented with a death mask, supposedly sculpted from his corpse in the days after his assassination.

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There is however a glaring problem with Lincoln’s mask. Upon close inspection, it is a forgery. A fake. Specifically, Lincoln’s death mask is a combined element of two existing life masks. The first was sculpted by Leonard Volk in 1860. The second was sculpted just two months before his assassination, in February 1865, by the sculptor Clark Mills. In the pictures I’ve provided, you can see how they combined the two elements. Clark Mill’s was used for the overall likeness, whereas Volk was revisited in order to correct the right ear and the hair. Why would they lie about his death mask?

Here we are presented with an obvious red flag. They lied. Specifically, they faked something in order to form a narrative. This should immediately beckon the question: “What are they hiding….?”

Dig a little deeper, and the official narrative as a whole suddenly falls into question.

Why did Mary Todd wait until Booth was done with his ridiculous speech to cry: ““He has been shot!” allowing her husband’s murderer time to escape? Why would the Intelligence Service lie to us, claiming the President was not guarded? Why is Mary Todd still being guarded by the drunken policeman who left the theater to go next door for drinks in the weeks to follow, and despite a widow’s grief, why did she refuse to attend the funeral of the century? Why was Ford’s theater only a third full, and even more conveniently, were those ticket holders in Pinkerton’s intelligence? Why was Lincoln taken across the street rather than a hospital? Why is there no exit wound?

And why are there multiple autopsy accounts by doctors? There was one head, one bullet, and one path. Therefore, one account and only one. And yet, not even the doctors could agree.

Were Booth and Lewis Powell double-agents….? It seems likely.

And further questions must be prodded like, did photographer Alexander Gardner fake the hanging of the four convicted conspirators, witnessed once again, most likely, by Pinkerton’s intelligence?

So many questions, and more. Far more questions. Too many to list here. Pay attention to the main events in American history which are regurgitated and force-fed to us in school, and then ask why. Why are they making this a point of curriculum? Why did Walt Whitman, who was by all indications a spook, spend the rest of his life working for the government while reciting “O Captain, My Captain?” And why must we memorize that ridiculous poem in school?

Ironically, in a 2007 study of Lincoln’s life mask and medical records, it was concluded that he suffered from a disease called “multiple mucosal neuroma syndrome,” a form of cancer. The study also concluded that, had the President not been assassinated in April of 1865, he would have died within the year.

FYI, Lincoln saved the slaves, and then sold every single one of us into it.


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  1. notchbak

    wow. what a revelation of info. ive heard bits and pieces of this a few times, but this really prompts me to do some digging. thanks.



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