Justin Best of “Christian Truthers” | Drawing a line in the sand (and an apology)

by | Apr 15, 2020

Justin Best of “Christian Truthers” is a brother in Yahusha HaMashiach and my friend. And I’m disgusted by what I’m seeing.


I don’t even have the words. Man, I stood by and supported some of you while you went on and on about how other big-name ministries publicly flogged you for your “Biblically backed” and “Holy Spirit”-led beliefs, and how nobody wants to watch your videos or read your posts because you speak “too much truth,” still totally disagreeing with some of your conclusions, but standing by your right to research, have a conviction, and discuss our differences. This is pathetic. Stop fooling yourselves. This isn’t a matter of disagreement.

It’s a public flogging.

It’s stuff like this that constitutes the very reason why I’ve been turning down all offers for speaking engagements. It’s why people keep inviting me onto their YouTube channels and I keep turning them down. It’s because I have yet to see a real community anywhere. It’s because my actual friends are the ones who call me up on the phone and speak about meaty matters for hours—even when we disagree.

And I’m not fooling myself. People love a good pitchfork and torch parade—a kill the monster tar-and-feathering. The moment someone announces that it’s going down, “The dogs have turned on Noel,” some of you wouldn’t hesitate to go:


Upon hearing the news that “Noel still has another rib to be kicked,” others would run straight for their steel-toed boots.

I really despise social media.

I should probably just keep my mouth shut. Then again, maybe I’m just weary and tired, totally beaten down by the years. And maybe I just need to unplug. Maybe it’s time. I don’t know.

Seriously though, if you’re going to draw a line in the sand, in order to win the approval of some of the big names in the Torah community, or draw followers from the sporting crowd (never let a good flogging go to waste), and some of you already have, then don’t expect me to cross over. Deal me out. I’m not taking part in your human sacrifice.

Some of you owe Justin an apology.




  1. Bambi

    I agree 100%. You don’t throw a brother under a bus for a difference of opinion.
    The mob mentality in the “Torah Community” is no different and certainly not as ” Set Apart” as some claim it to be.
    I have seen first hand the attacks from the “bretheren”🙄 if you don’t ” toe the line” on certain doctrine.
    Not going to shut me up though….
    They are the very ilk our Messiah warned us about. Shalom brother. Be well!

  2. Tina M Brown

    Totally agree!

  3. notchbak

    unplug is one thing, but please keep writing. i so much enjoy READING your posts here. (and i dont read alot of anything outside of the Bible.


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