“In the Beginning Was the Word”—In Other Words, All Things Were Made By Him, Including FLAT EARTH | Reflections in Flat Earth from Niagara Falls


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FOR THE AVERAGE “CHRISTIAN,” GOD IS A TERRIBLY DULL and boring sort of person to have around. By their own admission, he or she cares only for the free gift of salvation which God offers to them. This I am constantly reminded of by their insistence not to be bothered with spiritual truths or long-held doctrines which might strike the slightest hint of discomfort to their pursuits in academia and the many humanist institutions of the “globe.” Such a person holds the conversation hostage, almost unfailingly too, whenever FLAT EARTH is applied or Darwinian evolution is infringed upon. They will almost assuredly proclaim: “What does the Gospel have to do with this?

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I would answer that Christian: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. (John 1:1-4)”

They are expertly well rounded on the Gospel, supposedly, and as they always do, upon hearing the Gospel of John, such an account is easily shrugged off. It’s not their gospel, apparently. See, when it comes to knowing God and delighting in Him, particularly the Divinely materialized imaginations that we wondrously call Creation, such as Psalm 19:1, whereas “the firmament showeth His handiwork“—No, no, no! Such a soul shouldn’t be bothered by ‘unimportant matters.’ At the mere mention of a geocentric Earth, which the Holy Spirit testifies to in well over a hundred instances—His Words concerning Himself are credible, trustworthy, and true—he or she will hug the globe to their bosom (perhaps only in the darkened labyrinth of their skull), rock it as one would a suckling babe in desperate need of a meal and, with at least one upraised nostril, scowl: “What does my decision to believe in the shaped-creation of my choosing have to do with the Gospel?”

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Strange—that so-called Christian feels their engagement with the bridegroom, Jesus Yeshua, is not worth getting to know; particularly His nine-to-five Creation week trade—especially considering they hope to schedule an eternity with Him. Is He not a Creator? Has He not made His Creation known? Or maybe I’m misrepresenting such occasional theological dabblers. Perhaps, among the expected delights of their swiftly approaching marriage, they don’t ponder scheduling time with Him so much if it should involve taking an interest in His work-week. They would rather keep to their own private affairs. Or worse, perhaps they expect their Bridegroom will allow them to continue in their own humanist perversions, all so that Christians won’t look “stupid” among their favored humanist institutions.

I don’t know.

See, I don’t want to assume. I get accused of that often, trying to make sense as to why someone who claims to love the LORD would freely reject His very Word, if they could garnish a better understanding of it. But to this day, after interviewing dozens upon dozens (and still another baker’s dozen) of so-called Christians concerning the matter of His Creation, particularly how He has testified to it—being a wholly geocentric one from cover to cover, and rather descriptive at that—they would rather not favor God’s version of creation, which true (lower case “s”) science has proven, by the way. They will happily embrace the fantastical and impossible to demonstrate LIE, that being Satan’s masterful twisting and reshaping of God’s creation into his own wicked world, and expect God not to mind. And here we can see that the FLAT EARTH re-awakening in the church has nothing—absolutely nothing—-to do with the shape of Creation.

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No! No! That sad soul would rather continue in his or her adulterous love affair with the beast system, Sodom and Gomorrah and the great city of Babylon, with very little thought put into such spiritual matters. Treasuring the very person of Christ is at the forefront of our saving faith. If God bores us, then He too would rather not have our company. Yet they will no doubt expect to go running to their bridegroom the very moment His arrival is announced during the midnight hour.

They will run and they will run towards the meeting hall.

I am no judge of any man’s soul, thank the Lord. Let me say this again. I am no judge of any man’s soul. God alone is judge. But one thing I am wholly certain of, for the Holy Ghost testifies to it; when they reach the banquet, the creator of their “Globe,” which they have obstinately and defiantly worshiped—despite contrary evidence within and without the pages of the Bible—will not be found standing at the door.




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