Hitler was a Hollow Earthist

by | Oct 16, 2020

Cracking the Hollow Earth Egg

I recall first being introduced to the Hollow Earth Theory right around the time I became convinced of Biblical Cosmology. To me, the term “hollow” seemed to be a misnomer as much then as it still does today. Rejecting sphericity and revolving mechanics necessitates that basically everything one thought they knew gets tossed out the window. For many, I guess once the bathwater gets tossed, it doesn’t matter if the baby does as well. The vacuum void is filled with whatever the conspiracy du jour happens to be at the moment.

The term “biblical cosmology” obviously denotes the fact that scripture describes for us the shape of the Father’s creation. I suppose if one views the Biblical accounts the same as the Encyclopedia Brittanica then it’s a no harm no foul situation and the descriptions found within the pages can be relied on as far as one can throw them.

Hebrew, and therefore Biblical Cosmology describes a stationary world with a firmamental structure above. In fact, multiple firmamental structures are described in various places and in books that we’re told we ought not to crack open. We’re also plainly told that beneath us is the underworld, or Sheol in Hebrew. The Greeks also understood this as Hades. The spiritual/physical aspect of this abode are up for some speculation I suppose, but it seems that words like, “abyss” and “pit” give us a picture of more than just some black void of spiritual nothingness where ethereal souls reside.

Along those lines, having subterraneous caverns, rivers, “fountains of the deep’ or other large open areas totally make sense to me. I’ve been down in multiple cenote caves in Mexico where you shine a high powered flashlight down into the depths of the water in the cave and the light just gets swamped by pitch darkness. It feels like an entrance to a much larger abyss, that’s for sure.

Where I got lost—or I guess I should say where Hollow Earth lost me—was in the many descriptions of the surface of the hollow structure being the inner concave portion. For instance, in Willis George Emerson’s written account of the supposed journey that Olaf Jansen and his father made in The Smoky God, A Voyage to the Inner World, Jansen says that the world is like an egg. We live on the outer shell as it were, and in the openings at the top and bottom of the globe they could descend down like an insect and somehow cling to the under surface of the inner side of the “shell”.  Using standard Copernican thinking, one could surmise that some sort of gravity inversion might take place and you just stick to the in like we supposedly stick to the out. Actually, if the world were actually rotund and spinning, sticking to the inside of the ball makes much more sense than the outside.

The point is that the classical (if you can call it that) Hollow Earth model relies on and supports heliocentric cosmology.

Further, Jansen claims that he and his father sailed through this orifice to get to a mythical land of giants. Later explorers, such as the infamous Admiral Byrd, are said to have flown down into a valley of some sort and then kind of magically ended up “inside the earth.” From any of the accounts I’ve read I never get a good sense of where the outside becomes the inside. It just kind of happens. Reminds me of the mystical experience that lands John Carter on Barsoom. Inside of the Earth or Mars, take your pick.

I also find it convenient in Jansen’s case that the only other witness to these fantastic inner lands, his father, ends up not surviving the voyage from the South Pole. Along with his dad, the bountiful supply of gold nuggets given to them by the giants of the underworld are also lost in the wreckage.

All Teed Up

Further evidence of the alchemical romance between hollow earth and occultism can be found in the story of Dr. Cyrus R. Teed.

Dr. Teed was a sort of holistic doctor, or “eclectic physician” as they were known back in his day. As such, Teed was interested very much in alchemy and with experiments that involved electricity. The story goes that one day during such an experiment, Cyrus was shocked and knocked unconscious for a period of time. Whilst passed out he apparently was visited by a divine angel and was told that he was the messiah.

Upon coming to, he now had a mission. That mission was to redeem humanity through his scientific knowledge. He promptly renamed himself “Koresh” which is Hebrew for Cyrus and wrote the book The Cellular Cosmogony or The Earth a Concave Sphere.

Unlike Olaf Jansen, Teed didn’t think we needed to necessarily travel anywhere to get “inside” the earth. For him we were already inside of it. When we look up in the sky what we are actually seeing is the inner spaces of the earth with the sun rotating and giving the illusion of rising and setting. Teed believed that the sun itself was some sort of mechanical device that ran on a battery or some other sort of fuel cell. The moon and stars were reflections of the earth’s surface. Think lights reflecting off of metallic surfaces and you’ll get the picture. The thick atmosphere meant that we could not see the other side of the inner surface.

He offered a princely reward of $10,000 dollars to anyone who could scientifically disprove his theory. When scientists used geometric inversion to essentially turn the globe inside out, all of the points on the inverted map would pan out. Officially he had no takers challenge his ideas. Magical maths win the day again.

Einstein should be proud.

Spurred on by his vision and subsequent theories, Teed, now going by Koresh full time, abandoned his medical career and started a new religion which he dubbed Koreshanity. In addition to Cellular Cosmogony, Koreshanity also held to alchemy, reincarnation, communism and celibacy, among other ideas.

Abandoning is prior life, including his wife and daughter, Teed began his first commune in Chicago in 1888. Other such communes would develop in San Francisco and other towns across the US. In 1894 Teed decided to move most of his congregation to Estero, Florida where he was to set up his version of New Jerusalem. A 300 acre tract of land was purchased with funds from the donations he received. Apparently many lonely housewives found Koreshanity attractive and many abandoned their husbands to move to the small Florida hamlet.

Koreshan Unity, Inc., as it was dubbed, was to be a home for up to 10 million converts – or at least that was Teed’s magic number. The group never grew past 250. Despite the low numbers, the community boasted the “World College of Life” along with a power plant, general store, bakery and a homegrown publication called The Flaming Sword which actually continued to be published by Teed’s followers until 1949.

Before his death in 1908, Cyrus wrote a book called The Immortal Manhood in which he predicted that after he died he would be resurrected and taken into heaven in true messianic form. When his followers got into an argument while waiting for a train, Teed tried to intervene but was instead beaten to death for his efforts.

Being faithful disciples, his people took his body and held a vigil for two days awaiting his and their blessed ascension, as he had prophesied and promised them. With the body beginning to decay and the Christmas holiday passed, the county health commissioner decided to call it and removed the body for burial.

His body was placed in a large mausoleum fitting for a would-be messiah and laid to rest on community grounds. A guard watched over it 24 hours a day until, perhaps in an act of final judgement, the whole mausoleum was swept away by a hurricane in 1921. Forty years later his last remaining disciple deeded the land to the State and it was dubbed the The Koreshan State Historic Site. 


The Ubermensch of the North

It’s quite certain that although Cyrus “Koresh” Teed never got his millions of followers, he probably never could have guessed that he would gain a disciple who would end up as one of the most infamous people in modern history.

That disciple would be one Adolf Hitler.

Records indicate that a German pilot who was wounded after World War I, Peter Bender, may have been the source for Hitler’s and other top German official’s beliefs in the Hollow Earth theory. Bender was a self-proclaimed Koreshan and held to Teed’s teachings.

With Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, he brought Nazism to the forefront and declared that he would lead a One Thousand Year Reich that would introduce the world to a super Aryan race of ubermenshen or supermen.

Many volumes have been written on Hitler’s beliefs and how they intertwined with Nazi strategy up to and through the war. It seems that various myths, folklore, history, science and occult beliefs all intermingled into the philosophy of the Reich.

In 1942, with the war going full tilt, Hitler had Dr. Heinz Fischer undertake a top secret mission to the Baltic Island of Rugen to conduct experiments to determine the whereabouts of British fleet movements. Fischer, an expert in the field of infrared radiation, was to aim a powerful camera at a 45 degree angle in the sky for several days to see what could be captured in infrared. The idea being that since we were on the concave interior of the earth, the Nazis would be able to detect the British further up or down the curve.

The pictures taken at Rugen proved to be “inconclusive.”

In addition to Teed’s creed, Hitler and other Nazis appeared to also be highly influenced by a novel written by the Englishman Lord Lytton. Edward Bulwer-Lytton, author of the highly regarded historical novel The Last Days of Pompeii, had also published another novel just after his death in 1873. Unlike Pompeii this novel was more controversial.

The book The Coming Race begins with a chance journey into the underground world. Lytton’s book describes a superior race of beings who live within the earth. The beings just so happen to be giants who call themselves the Vril-ya.

The subterranean world described by Lytton may as well be a 21st century technocrat’s wet dream.

War and social issues have been eradicated. All vices have been overcome. Machines and technology take care of all laborious or menial tasks. A form of equality exists as everyone is free to pursue their own endeavors. The book describes that the inhabitants of the underworld are all very healthy and all live past a hundred years old.

All this is achieved by a super fluid called Vril. Essentially, Vril gives the user total control over matter. It can be used in destructive ways, such as to clear rubble as well as for the health of the user to mend their own bodies. The book describes that Vril allows the inhabitants to fly on artificial wings among other feats and marvels. Vril is also the reason that all war has been abolished. It’s basically an all out MAD policy – Mutally Assured Destruction.

Even more apropos, perhaps, is the Vril-ya motto:

“No happiness without order, no order without authority, no authority without unity.”

Bringing tears to dictator’s eyes since 1873.

The book ends with the Vril-ya understanding that humanity is destructive and imperfect. The narrator closes with an ominous admission:

“Being frankly told by my physician that I am affected by a complaint which, though it gives little pain and no perceptible notice of its encroachments, may at any moment be fatal, I have thought it my duty to my fellow-men to place on record these forewarning of THE COMING RACE.”

It’s probably no coincidence that Lord Lytton was a member of various Occultic and mystical societies. It also seems that the Nazis took Lytton’s account as more of a blueprint than as a Sunday afternoon read. They formed various secret societies including the Vril Society, the Luminous Lodge and the Thule Society.

Various accounts state that the Nazis were trying to make supermen in various experiments. It seems that some of these societies thought that rather than make super beings, perhaps they already existed underground. They only had to make contact then and convince them to fight on their side. This seems to be the stated goal of the Luminous Lodge.

Certain members of the Thule society, such as deputy fuhrer Rudolf Hess and Nazi philosopher Alfred Rosenburg, claimed to be direct descendants of the Kindgom of Atlantis. Some members claimed that their master was named “The King of Fear” and could be summoned via rituals.

Accordingly, Hitler claimed to have seen one of these beings. In a communication to the governor of Danzig he proclaimed, “The new man is living amongst us now! He is here! I will tell you a secret. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him.”

Perhaps this is what spurred on the many claimed expeditions around the world to gain occult knowledge. Some accounts say that as Nazi Germany took control of European lands, they would summarily begin to search for caves and tunnels underneath the ground. And even today legends persist that many Nazis retreated underground and even Hitler is said to have been spirited away to South America via underground transport and submarine.

Knowing what we do today about Operation Paperclip and the Deep Underground Military Bases or DUMBS here in the US, maybe the Nazis were on to something.

The Nazi study of the supposed polar areas also led them on a crash course with Admiral Byrd and the US military in the Antarctic. Or so the story goes. Operation HIGHJUMP was said to just be an exploratory mission, but all sorts of wild stories persist. One being that the Nazis already had a base or multiple bases there and that other types of beings had already been discovered there. UFOs, directed energy weapons, you name it. Whatever they discovered there then leads to Operation DEEPFREEZE in the 1950s along with the 40 nation pact to keep Antarctica peaceful and only to be used for “scientific purposes”.


But is it Hollow Horatio?

Aristotle is famous for saying that the mark of an educated mind is to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. I guess for me that’s the fairest shake I can give hollow earth, or moon crater earth or any of the other more mystical ideas of the world we live in.

Could entrances to Sheol have actually been discovered though? Might the Nephilim chained in the abyss have completed their divine sentence and are now wreaking havoc and working their forbidden arts today? It seems far more likely to me, given the Biblical cosmological model and what we know from scripture and “non-canonical” or “extra biblical” works seems to paint a picture that is every bit as fantastical as what the hollow earth purports, but in a much more grounded manner. Although, “grounded” to many in this context is still two flew over the cuckoo’s nest, I suppose.

Personally, hollow earth seems much more of a psyop to me than flat earth ever did. And that’s quite a feat considering FE has all sorts of quasi-celebrities who claim to “own” the theory or purport to be solely responsible for its resurrection.

Few are aware that “vitriol” didn’t mean “harsh” or “caustic” originally. It has ancient alchemical meaning. In fact it’s actually an acronym widely used in Masonry.



Variations exist such as,

“Visit the interior of the earth and purifying you will find the hidden stone.”


“In the interior of the earth is hidden the true mystery. The path that leads to this Hidden World is the Way of Initiation.”

Hollow Earth seems to be a step in the initiation of the Mysteries. Imagine that. Juxtapose that against Jeremiah 31:37:

“Thus says Yahuah: ‘If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, says the Most High.’”

– Justin









  1. Anthony P Windle

    Anything that mentions the time of the Watchers release always gets my attention. I didn’t realise the hollow earth theory was so pervasive and it certainly puts a literal slant on “going down the Rabbit hole”. Thanks for an interesting article Justin

  2. Justin Walter

    these viral rabbit holes based on the globe model all seem to direct the mind into a fantasy universe to distract from the truth. we assumably know there is another firmament at a depth of eight miles. digging tunnels and chambers is common practice throughout history. i have no doubt of pre-adamic civilizations still in extisance such as the vril, who existed in an age where Saturn was the luminary be the placement of our Sun in the Genesis creation story, still exist. UFO (Faerie) abductees that have any memory give accounts of traveling underground or in the ocean. why would they lie to us about the Globe? To hide a Creators Creation and the Lands of this Realm. Where to the Faerie Domens teleport to? Where are the abominations of Mythology today? Why can’t we traverse Ant-Artic Desert? Why is the land of the north a no-fly zone?


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