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WESTERN SOCIETY IS OVER. I KNOW IT AND YOU KNOW IT. From here on out we’re running on fumes until the great cathedrals of the materialists and secular humanism lay in the same ruinous heaps as our Roman counterparts, where the sheep and cattle may freely graze. Perhaps we shall drag our feet a little longer, if only because the surmounting strength of our spiritual forefathers passed down more than enough intellectual meat for themselves and their children and their children’s-children alone to consume. We can’t go on like this. We shan’t. Art has nothing left to offer. Gone are the great thinkers and tinkers, revivalists and reformers. Considerate thought is swept away to make room for the politically correct and vulgar.  And our self-declared renaissance of technology serves almost no other master than he who seeks to distract us from the obvious—that we are in a very dark place as a people.

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.” 2 Timothy 4:3

We the watchmen have already alerted our congregation to the enemy’s position. It has fallen on deaf ears. They are no longer advancing over yonder, nor are they barging through the outer walls and turrets. No—no! The church itself is seized. A portion of the ceiling has crumbled. Shards of broken glass splinter our feet as we dash through its aisles attempting to extinguish unrelenting waves of fiery darts, and the door is almost battered down by those who wish to gnash their teeth at us. Those who neglect a fight shall soon be starved into submission. Yet the congregation, for the most part, what remains of them, is sound asleep to the sermon. And inevitably it is always the same few persons in the midst of this unfolding scene who takes notice of the clamor. It is he who shouts loud enough for everyone to hear, all so that he may rebuke the watchmen, whose warnings serve no other purpose but to annoy him: “This is so divisive! What does any of this have to do with Jesus?”

Anyone who’s ever run through battle defending the Scripture knows these persons by name. They’re everywhere—in all congregations. “What does any of this have to do with Jesus!?”  I myself have slowed down my sprint, even while writing this, in order to scramble around them. And they like nothing better than to hold us hostage to their sleep patterns.

The materialist and the secular humanist—all under the umbrella of Scientism—reigns supreme. Perhaps our congregation has become so sterilized by the attacks, an endless line-up of them, from the John Locke’s and Rene Descartes and Rousseau’s, the Ralph Waldo Emerson’s, the Marx’s and the Darwin’s and the Nietzsche’s and the Freud’s, the Shakespeare’s and the Steinbeck’s and the Twain’s and the Hemingway’s and the Walt Whitman’s, even the Beatles, that they have somehow now convinced themselves those with an ax to grind are simply arriving for the potluck.

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Indeed, those of us who would wish not to have our enemies dressing the part for choir are given the derogatory title of fundamentalist. Calling anyone a fundamentalist is silly. I simply don’t understand the insult. That same person would likely thinks of himself as not a very religious person, or perhaps just culturally tolerant to decay and enlightened of its stench. And yet culture itself is religion externalized. People always live out their fundamental beliefs, even the atheist. The very definition of hypocrisy is to say one belief and yet live out another. There is only one way to determine true creed—observe the person’s life and culture.

And so we once more observe our own. Here in the western world we have abandoned Christian burial, neglected Sabbath, contracted the birth implosion, entertained our children with conjurers, embraced body mutilation, homosexuality, transgenderism, turned a blind eye to divorce, abortion, pedophilia, sodomy, bestiality, and most recently transhumanism, and we have helped to make the Day of the Dead, or Halloween, the more celebrated feast than our Lord’s resurrection. We have become an apostate people.

We are so far removed from the creation week that a person, having little idea that we are “made in God’s image,” has lost all hope in knowing whether he was born a man or a woman. The religion of Scientism quickly enforces their drudgery, threatening any fundamentalist bold enough to stand against their global governance, that a man is born a man and a woman a woman and that the two should leave their father and mother to be united together, a “denier of Science.” It is here in which the Creationist rightly turns to our Created order to defend the very foundation by which the Gospel is supported upon, while that same person in the pew shouts, “What does any of this have to do with Jesus?” And yet the great hypocrisy is that he himself, the Creationist, denies it—the Doctrine of Flat Earth. In his gullibility he has embraced the greatest conspiracy in human history—the lie which seeks to turn men’s gaze away from the Creator and into the vast abyss of the empty, meaningless cosmos. They agree to this, removing the clothes of sound doctrine, not because they are born deaf, but because we have willingly matured into an obstinate people, hard of hearing.

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It is a strange thing indeed that sound doctrine—three millennia of it—should be fought for by the superior muscle of our spiritual forefathers only to so suddenly become severed from the Body of Christ. That he who clings to it, the complete unbroken revelation and Testimony of the Lord concerning Himself and His creation—that is, the Doctrine of Flat Earth—should suddenly be the one who is given the title of apostate. That he who thoughtfully considers those who prophesied by it, Moses and the Prophets, the poets, scribes, and Apostles, should now be called a false prophet, if he should take up their mantle. Day has become night and night day.

The person who does not regard the Lord’s creation as something worth defending by demanding “Jesus has nothing to do with it” clearly lacks peripheral vision, specifically where the human condition meets discretion. And perhaps, if he cannot understand the beginning, if he defiantly denies it in order to embrace the lie he finds so beautiful, he cannot truly understand where he is or where we’re headed as a people. Truthfully, his own need for a Savior seems rather bare at this point.

This is the Great Apostasy. We have been fumbling for a light switch through the dark of it for centuries. So long have we been slapping at the walls while blindfolded that educated men write volumes of books on it, wondering what could possibly have gone wrong with a darkened world which once held such promise. And yet here it is! Never even fathoming in their minds that such giants as Sir Isaac Newton and Nicolai Copernicus should be added to that list of apostates, along with our Scientism overlords whose shoulders they stand upon—it was when man first rejected the sound doctrine of Flat Earth by clinging to their lusts of human tradition that the enemy made headway. No wonder! No wonder! No wonder! Again I say, No wonder!

If the Gospel faints in the face of apostate society it is because the very foundation by which it stood on has been washed away by the great deluge of intellectualism. The dominoes have fallen in succession. And the Lord’s true creation was the first among them.


Maranatha from Nova Scotia!



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