Did Yahusha Return in 70 AD? I Think We Missed the Resurrection

by | Jul 27, 2020

“But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase to more ungodliness. And their word will eat as does a canker: of whom is Hymenaeus and Philetus; Who concerning the truth have erred, saying that the resurrection is past already; and overthrow the faith of some.”

Sha’ul (2 Timothy 2: 16-18)

A THOUSAND-mile drive gives a man plenty of time to think. It’s only the second occasion when I’ve accomplished that task in my lifetime. In nineteen hours, we covered seven out of the fifty states. Ten total on our driving trip. North Carolina. Kentucky. Illinois. Missouri. Arkansas. Tennessee. Mississippi. Alabama. Georgia. And finally, South Carolina. My wife and I wanted to see America again—one last time—before they potentially close it down for good. Execute: Agenda 21. On a Sunday, empty churches with erected phalluses were displaying large signs normally reserved for sermon topics, but which now read: “We comply with the CDC.” Pathetic. Others declared: “We love others by social distancing and wearing our masks.” If I’m describing your building then you need to come to terms with the fact that your pastors are hirelings and they’ve already sold you out to the Beast. Your flock is being led by Freemason doctrine. I wrote about some of my frustations here. COVID-1984. And I’m reserving others for another paper. Just about everyone we encountered were primed and ready for the Mark. Except for those whom I know online, I cannot find another living soul who is awake to the reality of this situation. I’ve always pondered what it would take to deceive Evangelical America, and this is it. “The cure” is almost upon us, and just about everyone will be lining up to drink the poison.



One-thousand miles. New Jerusalem will be 1,500 miles long. The thought occurred to me somewhere in Arkansas. NASA tells us the Kármán line, which is the unofficial boundary marker of cosmic infinity, begins only 62 miles above our head. This places almost the entire city of Jerusalem in a non-gravitational vacuum of outer space. I thought about its enormity of size as my eyes grew weary behind the wheel. If New Jerusalem were to set down upon the North Pole, then I could stand all the way across the motionless plane of the earth, as far as Antarctica, and the city would still appear on the horizon larger than the moon. I wrote about that a few years back. You can read about it here. New Jerusalem. Also, despite the hundreds of communities I passed along the way, I only drove two-thirds of the cities length. Traveling the circumference of the entire city, by today’s standards, would reasonably be one week’s journey.

I thought about the thousand years mentioned in Revelation, too. It goes something like this. Satan will be bound for a thousand years. Afterwards, he will be released for a season, in order that he might deceive the world into surrounding the camp of Yahuah. Gog and Magog. Revelation 20 in a nut shell. Those of you who are at least familiar with my work know I’ve heavily hinted at the possibility, and I stress probability, if not fact, that Matthew 24 has already been fulfilled. The Apocalypse happened right on schedule—precisely when Yahushua said it would.

The extreme sense of urgency can be felt by Ya’aqob, Kepha, Yohanan, and the writer of Mattithyahu (James 5:8,9, 1 Peter 4:7, Matthew 10:23; 16:27, 28; 24:34). Yahushua said “all these things” would be fulfilled in this generation (Matthew 24:34). He said there were people who wouldn’t taste death before all those things came to pass (Matthew 10:23, 16:27, 28, 24:34). He told the High Priest that he would see him in his glory (Matthew 26:63-65, Mark 14:61-63, Luke 22:67-71). Yahushua was the last prophet sent by Yahuah. He constantly spoke of the Jews’ disobedience and faithlessness to the Most-High’s Torah and therefore warned them, contextually, of the total destruction of Jerusalem. No other prophet did that. So, why don’t we believe his words to be true? We know the day of his appearing as 66 AD. The people of that century knew it as a very different year.



Titus Flavius Josephus


Josephus (I know) likely documents the very event. You will tell me Titus Flavius Josephus was a Roman propagandist and a client for the Flavian dynasty, and therefore cannot be trusted any further than you can throw an elephant. Indeed, Josephus was a spook from the very beginning. You don’t emerge as the only sole survivor of a cave in Galilee—after a bloody battle against Rome—and become the Emperor’s right hand man. That doesn’t just happen. Spoo-oook. But here’s the thing. Most refuse to believe the words of Yahushua anyway. Everything he spoke of was fulfilled in that generation, because he said it would be. There were many who did not taste death. Try not to let cognitive dissonance win the day. That being said, I have little other choice but to get my hands dirty and source a Roman whore. But not all is lost. Josephus is no different than a Wikipedia article. You too can use official spook literature to rip apart the false realities which they’ve bound us to and catch the Luciferians at their own folly. For example, we can use Josephus to prove Rome and the Zionists are lying to us about the location of the Temple. You can read about that here. The Temple Mount Hoax. Also, here. Swapping Identities. To sum it up, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is really Fort Antonia, and the Zionists all know it. With Josephus, they slipped up. So, pay attention to his other account, completely snubbed by Rome and the church today. In the year we know as 66 AD, countless witnesses all across Judea saw the armies of heaven descend in the clouds. Follow along. Josephus writes:

On the twenty-first day of the month of Artemisius [Iyar], a certain prodigious and incredible phenomenon appeared; I suppose the account of it would seem to be a fable, were it not related by those that saw it, and were not the events that followed it of so considerable a nature as to deserve such signals; for, before sun setting, chariots and troops of soldiers in their armor were seen running about among the clouds, and surrounding of cities.

If what you just read doesn’t somehow involve Yahushua in your own thinking, and I assume my audience believes Yahushua to be the Son of the Most-High Elohim, then you need to spend some time wrestling with what just happened. Or you could rest contented knowing that Yahushua’s apostles did not write urgently in vain. The King fulfilled his promises, just as he said he would. Again, if the resurrection happened at that moment in time, and the righteous entered a thousand years of rest, it would explain why the church went apostate by the end of the first century. The sinners were left behind, with primarily only the message of the Christians of Antioch remaining. Also, why is there not one legitimate death witness to any of the apostles? I mean, the accounts of their deaths appear hundreds of years later and are inexplicably shady.

You’d think somebody would record: “I was there. I saw Thomas speared down. I saw Bartholomew flayed and then beheaded. I saw Matthias stoned by cannibals.” There are no witnesses—simply conjectures, almost all of them contradictory. If Recognition’s of Clement is legitimate, then we cannot even accept Kepha’s crucifixion account in 64 AD, because he and Zacchaeus, among a host of loyal followers, escaped over the river Jordan after Sha’ul had Ya’aqob thrown from the Temple mount. Mm-hmm. Same Sha’ul.



Let’s just say this would have been one of the biggest cover ups in history. After the Satanic Elite saw Yahushua in all his glory, they would have been like: “Oh shit, this guy is legit. He’s coming back again. We’ve got to stop him. We’ve got to do whatever we can to blind people from knowing about what actually happened and build rocket ships and atomic bombs… anything… to ascend to the heights and murder him.” There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Rome had countless books buried or destroyed in order to achieve their purposes. It only makes sense that they would. Also, space is fake and nuclear bombs are a hoax. The burning of the library at Alexandria is just a cover story. And I’m not simply talking about 66 AD, either. We’re talking about Apostolic epistles and gospels. Words from the prophets. First-hand accounts from those left behind. Books, whisked away. Gone. In later centuries, one of Saint Augustine’s purposes was to destroy holy literature, which you can read about here. Muhammad. Nothing of the Natsarym has survived, and we know that the Catholic church made war with the saints, but that’s probably none of my business. Anyways, there are other historians who write about the curious event in AD 66, and they don’t appear to be sourcing Josephus. So, there you go. Missing books.

Consider the medieval Jewish historian Sepher Yosippon, who expounded upon this angelic army in the sky when writing:

“Moreover, in those days were seen chariots of fire and horsemen, a great force flying across the sky near to the ground coming against Jerusalem and all the land of Judah, all of them horses of fire and riders of fire.”

Yosippon’s account hearkens us back to 2 Kings 6:17, whereas Elisha was protected by an army of of angels, fully equipped with horses and chariots of fire. It also mirrors Isaiah in a surprisingly literal way.

“For behold, Yahuah will come in fire and His chariots like the whirlwind, to render His anger with fury, and His rebuke with flames of fire.” Isaiah 66:15

If you are asking yourself, “Did I miss the second coming?” then rest assured this is the wrong question to ask. The term second coming is not found anywhere among the books we often call “The New Testament.” The Greek word, often translated second coming, is “parousia,” and though it does describe a presence or coming, the term is used to denote the arrival of a conquering general, king, or emperor into a city for an extended stay—oftentimes for several months or years—before returning to his capitol city. I need to stress extended stay, because that’s precisely what happened. Yahushua arrived in Jerusalem in order to conquer and destroy a wicked city. Jerusalem. Parousia. The Temple was completely destroyed in 70 AD, so that not one stone remained. Yahushua personally saw to it.

And another thing, Yahushua said he was coming in the clouds, just as Yahuah had done to Egypt in Isaiah 19. Yohanan likewise wrote about his coming in the clouds, and that’s precisely what happened. Yahushua came in the clouds, in judgement. The temple priests, the Pharisee and the Sadducee, essentially everyone responsible for hanging Yahushua from a tree, undoubtedly looked up to the clouds, saw the KING OF KINGS among the armies of heaven, and were like: “Aw, hell naw!” Check this out. Matthew 24:27 reads, “For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” So, parousia. Son of man. And lightning would mark his arrival in the clouds. If you need non-Scriptural proof among the eyewitness testimony of men, that lightning did indeed mark his arrival, then I will direct your attention to the first century Roman historian Tacitus. His account of the armies in heaven differs slightly from Josephus, and it reads:

In the sky appeared a vision of armies in conflict, of glittering armour.  A sudden lightening flash from the clouds lit up the Temple.  The doors of the holy place abruptly opened, a superhuman voice was heard to declare that the gods were leaving it, and in the same instant came the rushing tumult of their departure.

If you thought I was going too far in suggesting the resurrection of the saints occurred that very year, and am therefore relegated to one of agent Sha’ul’s profane and vain canker babblers in 2 Timothy 2:16-18—which actually makes sense given the context—then I will once more return your attention to agent Josephus. He actually documents the very event which Yohanan had described seeing in Revelation chapter 6 a few years earlier. In The Wars of the Jews he writes:

“At that feast which we call Pentecost [of A.D. 66], as the priests were going by night into the inner temple…they felt a quaking and heard a great noise, and after that they heard a sound as of a great multitude, saying, ‘Let us remove hence.’”

You will potentially tell me that Revelation wasn’t written until 90 AD, because somebody who paid for their doctorate was really into dispensationalism and therefore gave you their educated guess. However, the largest proof that all of Scripture was completed before 70 AD is that never once does anybody write: “Ah-ha! Yahushua’s words came true! The temple was destroyed!” That never happened. The closing pages of Scripture—which Antioch Christians later titled The New Testament for their own doctrinal purposes—never so much says that Yahushua’s prophecies were fulfilled in that generation. Scripture ended with a sense of urgency and an unresolved tension. Probably because there was nobody left behind to explain it. That is, except for Hymenaeus and Philetus. “Their word will eat as does a canker!”


Places Where Meteors Hit in the U.S. - Meteor Impact Sites


Anyhow, One-thousand miles behind the wheel, Missouri to South Carolina. One-thousand years, I thought. I’m not certain of much, but I am of Yahushua’s words. You can snub, redefine, or avoid them all you want, but I’m tired of the doctrine. I’m taking them literally. If we missed the resurrection, then what are we still waiting for? New Jerusalem, of course. The good news is, we haven’t missed out on the kingdom of heaven on earth. Uh-huh, you heard me right. One-thousand years. Been there, done that. They totally faked the additional millennia. Easy as the mud flood and Photoshop. More on that some other time.

Mud flood. You were probably hoping I wouldn’t go there, but it’s too late. The shocking revelation of the mud flood theory isn’t so much the thought that history was completely scrubbed and re-written. The Twilight Zone ending is the fact that we’ve been living in Revelation chapter 20 for the last 200 years. After the thousand years, Satan is released from prison for a season. His purpose, to deceive the entire world, again. That’s us. We are the generation who’ve inherited lies. You can’t force a round peg into a square hole. If you can find a better slot for the mud flood theory, be sure to let me know. We are told the beginning from the end, and Revelation fits. I wrote a paper on the Watchers release from prison in the whereabouts of 1812. Enoch chapter 54 documents their release, and once again, it fits. They sprung from their prison like a lion from its den and devoured the kings of the Earth. You can read about that here. Watchers. I highly suggest you give it a looksy-loo, if you haven’t already. We’ve been lied to about everything.

Enoch tells us there were 200 Watchers imprisoned within the hills and valleys of the Earth. He furthermore reminds us that they would be released after 70 generations. I believe that takes us up to the whereabouts of the 19th-century. On a side note, have you ever contemplated how many meteor craters are identified above sea level? 190. Also, consider this. There are 195 recognized countries in the world today, which includes the UN non-member observer states, the Vatican and Palestine; a sizable stretch from the 70 nations which Yahuah established after Babel. Close but no cigar? I don’t know, you tell me. Maybe a few of the Watchers got bumped off. Or they’re running Langley and the secret societies. Call me crazy, but if you want to see the divine beings in person, then we need to look no further than those shape-shifting reptilians that keep showing up on our television screen. Queen Elizabeth. George H.W. Bush. Donald Rumsfeld. Mark Zuckerberg. You can do your own digging and fill in the rest.





  1. Misty

    So we are actually living in 1277 not 2020? I am so confused right now. My whole paradigm is shifting. A You Tuber and I got into this whole discussion a few days ago. She believes like you that it all happened in 70 AD. She also believes that when New Jerusalem descends that the Luciferians are going to convince everyone it is an alien spaceship so that they gather the nations to war against it.

    • Noel Joshua Hadley

      I’m not sure what year we’re living in. In Revelation 20, Satan is released after a thousand years “for a season.” Supposing that was in the early 1800’s, like say 1812, the thousand years may have ended about that time. Also, that YouTuber is absolutely correct about New Jerusalem being the “Father Ship.” Read 2 Esdras 13. Yahushua descending with New Jerusalem plays out precisely in that fashion.

      • Misty

        Thanks for responding! Do you think Tartaria was the Millennial Kingdom on Earth which was wiped out by the Mudflood? And if the Mark of the Beast/antichrist already played out in the first century then how will the vaccine coming out also be the Mark of the Beast? I would like to see your discussion on all the different eschatological views like a millennial, premillennialism and post millennialist. I have been trying to dissect all the different views and I feel more confused now than ever. Also, I do not know if you have ever written about the alien agenda but if you could write about how you think that will play out in the whole scheme of things that would be awesome. Shalom.

        • Noel Joshua Hadley

          Mark of the Beast or not, we can know for sure that keeping Sabbath is the mark of Yahuah. If there’s a mark of Yahuah, it is easy to conclude that there is an ongoing spiritual mark of the beast. Secondly, the Vax they’re rolling out is going to make us into unclean beasts. Whoever accepts it will have their DNA reprogrammed, and will forever hand their body and their “image” over to the authority of the Beast. This is a days of Noah reality. I’m not taking it. Also, we’re dealing with the words of Yahushua, being that all things were fulfilled in that generation, and he never talked about a Mark. The Mark may be a repeated event throughout history. Before the flood. During the first century. And then again today. I see no reason why Scripture doesn’t support such a conclusion.

  2. Arthur Herring

    I’m left a little stunned of course. As I am relatively new to the gosphel 2 1/2 years or so, I find that someone I trust is showing me a different variant, which seems to have a validity to it. (The book says what it says.. and “2 thousand” years is not “soon”, and I don’t know anyone who is still living from that time) Therefore, we either trust that his words have been preseverd correctly, and that it has already happened. Or, that his words were currupted and used to make a rabbit hole of misinformation. I’m left thinking.. “what now?” Where is New Jerusalem if the fallen one was to surround the city in that short season? (being hidden from us in Antarctica? Was it taken back up, and will come back down? I thought it would be established forever. Just questions buzzing in my head like bees. Is that why there seem to be credible near death experiences where people claim that heaven is populated already?

    I appreciate your work , Noel. I pray often for truth, no matter what it means, no matter how difficult it is to accept.. just truth. So, I will surely have to consider this, and ponder and pray about what must be soon to come. But at least we know are chances of being with him in his kingdom are still valid.

    Thank you for your bravery. Prayers for you and family.

    • Arthur Herring

      My mental storm is still raging, but of course it seems obvious after a few minutes of contemplation that the war against “the alien mothership” would make even more sense to me now somehow, and of course the city will be coming down.. not “hidden” on earth anywhere, even the north pole. (my own confusion) And a brief investigation last year into the missing 1,000 years was interesting, but little did I know how it could fit into the grand delusion. You have lit a fire of puzzle piece fitting!

    • Noel Joshua Hadley

      Read 2 Esdras chapter 13. It explains how Yahusha will return with New Jerusalem and Satan will bring the kings of the earth into battle against him. It’s literally the “father ship” invasion which Hollywood keeps prepping us for. That event hasn’t happened yet. What I’m asking everyone to consider here is that there is no “Millennial reign.” Meaning, when Yahusha sets up heaven on earth, it’s going to be an everlasting kingdom, not 1,000 years. We’ve taken John’s reference to the thousand years and shoved a lot of stuff in there, like the lion and the lamb prophecy. Biblical translators have used their bias to add “Millennial reign” in the heading. But what if that’s not so? John lifts a lot of imagery and passages from Enoch. The description of Satan being released from prison and the Watchers being released from prison, both of which will be thrust into the Lake of Fire soon thereafter, is basically identical. It’s like poetry in that it rhymes. These may be two different events, but then again, I don’t see why they can’t be one. All this to say, what I’ve written today is guesswork based upon several months of ongoing discussions with friends. We’re looking at the mud flood and trying to figure out where this places us in the history of Scripture, and so far, I don’t see a better fit.

      • Arthur Herring

        Man, good point. Yes, right.. his Kingdom is established forever. Thats what I was wondering about. There is a lot of sense behind this.. but much research and prayer is warranted. Yes, I read 2 Esdras 13 as soon as you mentioned it.. very interesting perspective! So.. lets say 1812 is a date for fun. Would Tchaikovsky have been commissioned by.. ahem.. to commemorate their return with an overture? 1812 (instead of the given insiration of the Russian army defeating Napoleon’s invasion.) Just thinking out loud.

  3. Victor

    Very interesting, Noel.

    But what about Yeshua reigning on the earth before Satan is released for a season? If we’re in that time, shouldn’t Yeshua be reigning here on earth?

    • Noel Joshua Hadley

      The New Jerusalem hasn’t come down yet. So, we’re still waiting on that event. 2 Esdras 13 puts those pieces together, how the Gog and Magog invasion is Satan gathering all the kings together for battle against Yahusha returning with His Father’s house. Technically, from 66 – 70 AD, Yahushua did appear and reign over Jerusalem.

      • Victor

        Ezekiel 38-39 also seem to be discussing that event.
        But there are a number of things that occur before New Jerusalem comes down.
        Here’s how I understand the timeline of events, please let me know if you see it differently:

        – Yeshua’s “second” coming, the saints meet Him in the air. He comes down on Mt. Olives. He defeats the nations gathered against Him and establishes His kingdom, reigning for 1,000 years of peace.
        – Satan is cast into the bottomless pit for this millennial reign.
        – After that he is released for a season, which is where we’d be now (Rev 20:7).
        – Then he’s thrown into the lake of fire
        – The great white throne judgment occurs
        – New heaven and new earth, the previous ones passed away
        – New Jerusalem comes down

        My hang up is Rev 20:4 shows Yeshua and saints reign on the earth for the 1,000 years. Once Satan is released, Yeshua’s reign doesn’t end. There’s no indication of Him releasing His reign back to Satan and his minions, as we see on the earth here now.

        Also, is Rev 20:8 specifying that Satan will only be able to deceive the nations of Gog and Magog, spread out over the 4 corners of the plain? That verse can be interpreted several ways.

  4. Misty

    I was wondering if you have heard of the Phantom Time Hypothesis by Herbiet Illig in which he hypothesized that there are 300 years missing from the historical record and part of the Middle Age did not exist. Neither did Charlemagne according to his hypthesis. So, he thinks we are at 1720 or something around there. Anyway, thanks for your thoughtful responses.

  5. Anthony P Windle

    I was going to go outside today and finish making something. However, your article raises many questions and answers! The pre mud flood people were builders of fine beautiful structures and amazing technology and I could not equate that with a kingdom in darkness. Also the articles in Josephus have always puzzled me because we have been deceived, deceived, deceived, especially about time. It has been questioned many times as to how Satan could deceive anyone after the millennium. Where are they?
    Thanks, I have to go, lots to read and pray about as there is definitely some eternally important things in what you have written.

  6. Shannon

    How many times I have read His words “this generation”…. “some of you won’t taste death before these things occur”… and I’ve asked again and again, how can this be? Lots to think about here!

  7. Bambi Neal

    Since you brought this up, the missed 2nd coming, it is something I can’t stop thinking about. The crater thing..man I had no idea there were 190ish! Also, I am really thinking the people who call themselves ” Christians” who I no longer refer to myself as…are possibly the MOST indocrinated…not the unbelievers. I have been thinking since the early 90’s that the “aliens” are demons, that when they come in what you call the ” Father Ship” that it will be demons pretending to be our relatives..from a distant galaxy. Your theory puts a whole new spin on it, but reminds me of what I think of as satan’s spiral of lies. No wonder the whole world is being deceived!
    I am going to be praying now more than ever for wisdom.
    Oh to be a fly on the wall when you got to fellowship with Adam Fink and Justin Best. Thanks again for all you do. I never swallow ANYTHING hook, line, and sinker, but man I nibble like crazy on the lure of truth I see in your words. Really love what Yahuah is doing right now. I believe also concerning all of this, that when our Messiah came back, He did stay with us. He left us the Ruach of the Father, ABBA Yahuah with full authority. We are the temple. A living temple. I am very certain of this more than ever!

    • Noel Joshua Hadley

      Thank you. While I am going to be shameless about believing Yahushua’s words, mainly that his generation witnessed exactly what they said he would, I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything too. Keep in mind, this is all coming to a head from various different research angles. The added 1,000 years. Mud floods. Tartaria. The Watchers. And so on. I’m trying the best I can to put it all together, and I simply cannot find anywhere else in Scripture where the mud flood fits than Revelation 20. There is the passage which speaks about the locusts coming out of the abyss, which very well may be the Watchers, but that seems to relate back as a cross-reference to the Book of Jubilees. Again, this is all I’ve come up with. I’m open to anyone else taking a stab at this. As an added note, I do believe some of the mud flood discoveries can take us back to Noah’s flood, but certainly not all of it.

  8. Casie Dunn Gonzales

    WOW ! I have been praying to Yahuah why He revealed the mud flood / hidden time stuff , may He guide us to all truth. Lots to think about as this parousia Of Mashiach already happening theory has started popping up. Let’s all try to figure this out together , I appreciate all the work thus far . May we remain steadfast and loving .

  9. Anthony P Windle

    I must have a different Enoch. My Enoch 54 is about the watchers under Azazel being imprisoned and then flood coming. It must be 56 I think. I know that the referencing of these books is not always consistent.
    I can’t put this together at all but I am certain that we have inherited lies about where we are.

  10. Heather

    Here’s a crazy thought. What if the scribes added the words about “all will be fulfilled by this generation” when they wrote it so that people would just join the Church as a “reign” of a vicar? But in actuality, perhaps Yahshua never said that. Believing they faked an entire millennia is a tough thing to convince me of.

  11. Robin Phillips

    Have you considered that the New Jerusalem is a spiritual kingdom and has already been in place for the past 1000 years? Y’shua said his kingdom was not of this earth.


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