Close Encounters of the Alux Kind

by | Oct 2, 2020

I would reckon it was probably my third or fourth time running the circuit that I heard what I thought was a child laugh. After that I would hear either one or multiple children or people laugh quite frequently on my daily runs. We had been living in Guatemala for some time by that point, and I was very familiar with the walking trails on the side of the mountain where we lived.

I had started a daily regimen of jogging from my neighborhood in order to build up my lungs. Guatemala City stands at almost 5,000 feet above sea level, so the entire area has less oxygen than one might expect when they think of jungles and such. It actually has a lot more in common with Denver, Colorado in many respects. Walking and doing any number of physical tasks will leave a Great Plains boy like myself feeling mighty winded in the Land of Eternal Spring.

The neighborhood we had settled in was nestled outside the hustle and bustle of the city proper. The whole thing was a gated affair with a main gate and then each individual neighborhood was also gated secondarily by street. So essentially you would have 20 or 30 houses, both to the left and right, behind distinct gates going in opposing directions as you went down the graded edge of the mountainside. As the road wound down to the bottom of the development there was a small parking lot and a communal barbeque/sports complex that families could reserve for parties and holidays along with just using the attached basketball court for recreation. If one ventured down past this enclosure you could find a series of connected dirt paths that at various junctures would yield small barbeque pits with small picnic table style dining areas. During our time living there, we hardly ever saw a soul use these areas, and only a little more frequently did we ever encounter anyone else actually walking the trails.

My wife and children had walked the paths along with me multiple times on various occasions and I had never heard anything out of the ordinary. You would see all sorts of birds and the forest was frequently alive the various squawks and kaws of the various feathered denizens. There were squirrels in abundance along with the occasional spider or other insect to be found on the path.


The winding road was very steep all the way down to the communal basketball court. Getting back up was a chore. If you didn’t want to head back up the road you could go through the parking lot and go up a series of very steep cement stairs which we dubbed “the endless steps.” It was like they just kept going and the summit was never reachable. Eventually this would lead you back up to a common park area where there were some swings and other playground equipment for small children.

Certain times while on the path alone, I would see a flash of color off to the edge of the path in the undergrowth. At the edge it is very steep. In many places there were wooden guard rails in various states of disrepair to perhaps give you the sense that they would break your fall. In reality you’d very easily smash through or go over the railing until you smacked into the river in the valley below. On a very few occasions we would see smoke and hear voices and we thought we caught glimpses of people down by the river bank, but with the forest being so dense we could never really make out any details or be sure.

The first time I heard the giggle of what I thought was a child I didn’t give it much thought. Many times there would be families playing futbol in the basketball court or maybe playing tag out in the parking lot area. On this occasion as I made my way back up to that area I recalled that I didn’t see anyone as I jogged my way back to the endless steps for more self-punishment.

After the next few times I heard childlike voices I became aware that it sounded very near to me and always from the direction down the mountain and not up towards the basketball court party area. Any rustles or flashes of color I saw I always attributed to a bird or perhaps a squirrel, although the squirrels were more of the gray or black variety, and the colors I saw were always more of a bright red or blue or sometimes yellow. I never really said anything about what I saw or heard to anyone, because honestly, what was there to say really? It wasn’t until thinking about it later I would recall that every time I did hear a voice or see a flash of something on the ground that the birds and other sounds of the forest would be hushed. I remember being able to hear the movement of the river fairly clearly, which typically was drowned out by the other noises of the nature there. We hadn’t even realized there was a river down at the bottom of the valley right away when we first started walking the trails it was so faint.



A few months later we would embark on a new adventure. We had agreed to run a small convenience store in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, so I made the trek up north to the sandy beaches to get an early handle on everything before the rest of the family came up. The owner was kind enough to continue helping out for a month or so until I could get up to speed on all of the various ins and outs of the business. Running a business is tough enough let alone running one in a foreign country.

One day while the owner and I were talking about the various customer seasons in Playa, she nonchalantly said something to the effect of, “oh and if you see a small child out of the corner of your eye, don’t worry, it’s just the Aleutians playing a trick on you.” To my gringo ear, I heard Aleutian, and all I could think of were the Aleutian Islands. She proceeded to explain to me, in the most frank and matter-of-fact terms, that there were little people, kind of like faeries or leprechauns, who lived in the jungle and loved to play tricks on people. She said she had seen them in the store before on several occasions, but not to worry as they were mostly harmless.

At that point I really didn’t know what to say. I hadn’t expected her to say such a thing in the first place, so I was taken aback. I prodded her a little bit more to explain what she meant. She told me that when she was a little girl, she was befriended by these little people and she would often talk with them and play with them in her backyard. They would leave her little gifts or toys. She said that sometimes they could be pranksters or play tricks on people, but they were rarely ever malevolent. She said they were common in the area and sometimes they like to slip into places they shouldn’t be.

I then decided to tell her about the things I had seen and heard while on the trails in Guatemala. She immediately waved her hand and concurred that it was the little people of the forest trying to make contact with me. She said I must be very lucky or blessed to have them reveal themselves to me. She told me that they had the ability to kind of disappear or be invisible if need be and would be impossible to see if they did not allow it. At that point, the conversation headed back to normal business territory, and I didn’t think too much on it after that. I mean, superstitious nonsense, right?

In the course of time, we hired a person to work the store during the day, and Yahuah blessed us with the perfect person for the job. I consider him a friend and brother today. I can’t quite remember now if he brought it up or if I did, but at some point he also pointed out that there were little people in the jungle. Again, my ears heard Aleutian. I asked him to say it again and he was like, “you know, like illusion.” For some reason when he made the connection to illusion, something clicked in my head and I remembered that they could be invisible. He also reminded me that there was a restaurant in town named after them. I was like, “What restaurant is that,” and he told me it was the one that was inside the cave. I told him we hadn’t eaten there so he pulled it up on the computer. The Alux. Pronounced Al-oosh, not Al-ux.

In Mayan languages or dialects the letter “x” makes a “sh” sound. We had previously taken the family to a resort park called Xcaret, pronounced Shcaret. There is an island up by Cancun that is a diver’s paradise as you can swim alongside whale sharks in certain seasons. It’s called Holbox. Holbosh. You get the picture.

These little people were being referred to not as Aleutians, like from the islands, but as Alu-sh-ians. The actual Mayan plural is Alux’ob.



If you rewind time and take away the nation-state borders, the entire Yucatan area through Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and into Honduras and El Salvador is Mayan territory. Fun side fact: Guatemala doesn’t recognize Belize as a country and they still consider it part of their land. Disputes can sometimes get hot between the two nations. Just prior to our moving trip up to Playa, which saw us pack all our belongings, dog and three kids in an SUV and trek through the three countries, there was a fisherman who was shot and killed by a military guard in a river that borders Belize and Guate. Relations got so heated and it was thought that military skirmishes might break out, that it was requested that an ambassador from the US come to help calm both countries down.

But I digress.

Ruins abound everywhere in the jungles and forests. There is a shopping mall in Guatemala City that literally has ruins in it. They agreed to make a museum out of it if the government gave them permission to continue building a mall on top of the site. At the site of another mall, as you go up the parking garage installation, there are several large, grassy mounds that can be seen. A local friend told us that those were three pyramids or temples that they had uncovered when they were building that mall, as well, so they moved the location over a bit. It seems that you can’t turn over a stone in that area and not encounter some sort of Mayan artifact or ruin. It’s a local custom to keep and collect Mayan artifacts, although it is a crime with serious punishments if the government finds out.

Grand temples such as Tikal tower in the Northern area of Guatemala and the large complex of Tulum sits as a sentinel on the edge of the Caribbean coastline, ever watchful, just south of Playa in Mexico. But the jungle is a hungry beast. The amount of rainfall and warm weather ensure that if man does not tend the ground, the jungle reclaims what is hers in little time. It is said that some of the smaller ruins and totems are actually Aluxian homes or constructions. Others say that they live in the myriad caves and cenotes that dot the area.


After I learned of the alux, it tripped a memory I had of people talking about duende. In Central America duende is kind of interchangeable with alux. Duende is a Spanish word for a supernatural little creature. More commonly, the duende is thought of—or pictured as—a goblin with more malevolent motives that go beyond the pranks or tricks of the alux, but I think there are a lot of similarities and overlap in the legends. Some Mayan accounts say that if an alux appears to a person, he will ask for an offering. If the alux is refused then he will get malicious. Some even say they can spread diseases or cause freak accidents to occur. The owner of the store kind of treated them like Voldemort from Harry Potter. She said that we really shouldn’t talk about them because she believed that just by naming them that it would summon them to us. She fully thought that we would see one or more in the coming days just because of our conversation that day.

I also thought back to the “Atacama Alien” that was discovered in the desert in Chile back in 2003. If you research the mummy, you’ll find all sorts of theories about its origin and species. I put “alien” in quotes because the disclosure people are convinced that it’s an extra-terrestrial of some sort. From what I can determine to be fact, DNA evidence showed it’s not alien per se, but that it isn’t a normal human being either.

First and foremost is the size. Some scientists insisted that it was merely a miscarried or aborted baby, but even though the skeleton is only six inches long, the bones looked to be more fully formed and not at all like those of an unborn child. Further, it is obvious from the shape of the head and eye sockets that it doesn’t have ordinary human features. Also unlike an infant, there is at least one fully formed tooth in the mouth. Some have tried to claim it merely has severe mutations or dwarfism. But tests done by doctors from Stanford University found that it was neither an infant nor did it appear to have any known form of dwarfism or other such mutation. It should also be noted that the tiny skeleton only contains ten ribs on each side, rather than the usual 12 that normal humans have.


It’s rather interesting that after a documentary was made, the doctors, Garry Nolan and Ralph Lachman, were made to retract their findings or say that they were not conclusions, but rather just “on the fly” or “dynamic” speculation during their time with the skeleton. In fact, Dr. Nolan is on record as saying, “(And) I am not sure the specimen, at the end of the day, is worth that much more worry and scrutiny.”


I cannot seem to find much past 2018 about the skeleton. All of the mainstream sources came out and proclaimed it an infant skeleton that had massive deformities and that was about it. Apparently it’s not worth scrutiny any longer, even though the doctors estimated that the being lived approximately 6 to 8 years before something or someone gave it a giant gaping hole in the back of the head. Currently the remains are in the hands of a private owner, so it remains to be seen if any further studies will be done.

I highly doubt it.

Could this be a small duende or aluxian? According to local traditions and stories, full grown aluxians are said to only be knee high at most. The owner of the specimen claims that he and some associates travelled to Chile, to the region where the remains were discovered, and the locals there claim to see small humanoid beings very frequently. They also claim that there is a lot of UFO activity in the area as well. They even claim that there are other remains of similar humanoids in remote locations, but none have ever been substantiated.

In Guatemala there are stark differences between the people of European descent and the indigenous people. In the city, you are more likely to find people who are closer to six feet tall or more and their skin tone is noticeably lighter, some that are straight up Caucasian and can easily be mistaken for an expatriate from the US, Canada or any number of European countries. Many of these people can trace their lineage back to a specific family who came from Spain or by way of Spain from elsewhere in Europe. When you get outside the metropolitan areas and into the villages, I would say that if you see a man that is 5 foot 8, he’d be considered very tall. Many of the women are under five feet tall. I towered over most people in the areas that we frequented and shopped, and I’m a skosh over six foot.


We were once driving on a crowded road and I stopped abruptly because I thought two young children were running across the street up ahead. They were wearing traditional dresses, but as we slowly passed by and I saw them talking, I noticed they carried purses and were fully adult. If either of these women were even 4 feet tall, I would be utterly shocked.

And yet the discovery of “Flores Man” in Indonesia indicates that some of the people in Central America are not the only little people to be found. The remains of the man, nicknamed hobbit, are said to put him at 3 foot 7. I’m telling you, I saw multiple people in Guate that were probably no more than this height. So I guess some of these little people must be hiding in plain sight. And that’s to say nothing of the various Pygmy peoples that are alive and well today.

For many in the truther community the focus has been on giants, and for good reason, considering the Genesis 6 cover-up, misdirection or whatever you want to call it. It is compelling to note that just as there are tales/legends/folklore across all continents and cultures detailing descriptions and stories about giants and their exploits, so too are there just as many relating to various types of little people or diminutive creatures. Almost all of the North American native tribes have names and stories for little people, from the Inuit up North to the Aztec in the South. Elves, dwarves, brownies, gnomes, sprites, pixies, leprechauns, goblins, gremlins, the list goes on. Pick a continent, pick a people, and chances are there are tales of little people just as there are of very tall ones.

Perhaps there is something that we are missing still. There are manuscripts of 1 Enoch in various languages such as Aramaic, Greek and Ge’ez. Sometimes, just like any other translations, we find differences in content or the way certain sentences are worded. What I find interesting is that we talk a lot of about Watchers and Nephilim and assume that the Nephilim are giants, but look at what the text of 1 Enoch 7 actually says in the Greek: “And they bore to them (the Watchers) three races – first, the great giants. The giants brought forth the Nephilim, and the Nephilim brought forth the Elioud. And they existed, increasing in power according to their greatness.Emphasis mine.

Who are the Elioud? Why don’t we talk more about them or who they possibly could be? And for that matter, did you notice that the great giants and Nephilim are considered separate races? Do we read this as a progression or succession? Do Watchers beget Giants beget Nephilim beget Elioud? Or did the daughters of men bear the Watchers three distinct kinds of offspring that warred against each other?

The Book of Jubilees seems to give us just such a different take. The R.H. Charles translation of Jubilees 7:21-22 reads thus: “For owing to these three things came the flood upon the earth, namely, owing to the fornication wherein the Watchers against the law of their ordinances went a whoring after the daughters of men, and took themselves wives of all which they chose: and they made the beginning of uncleanness. And they begat sons the Naphidim and they were all unlike, and they devoured one another: and the Giants slew the Naphil and the Naphil slew the Eljo and the Eljo mankind, and one man another.

Again, emphasis mine. Notice that the word Naphidim is different from Naphil. If Charles meant a plural of Naphil then why not render it “Naphilim”? Could it be that the Giants, Naphil and Eljo collectively make up the various types of sons and together they are called Naphidim? I think it’s plausible considering that the word “Watchers” is specifically used in the previous sentence.

Perhaps we are making too many assumptions that all Nephilim were giants, or that they were giants at all. Perhaps the words have become erroneously interchanged, and since they were all unlike, can we rule out that while some of the offspring were immensely tall, perhaps some, maybe Elioud/Eljo were smaller in stature? Diminutive size would not necessarily equal less fierceness or ability to do violence. I’m imagining an army of mini-ninjas sneaking into cities at night and performing mass assassinations. Or that horrible scene from the movie Cat’s Eye that scared the living daylights out of me as a child, where a little goblin thing emerges from a hole in the wall at night and hops up onto a person and holds their nostrils and mouth shut while they’re sleeping.  Yeah, that comes to mind. Yeesh.

Maybe I’m glad I didn’t actually see an Aluxian after all.

– Justin



  1. Chris

    The more I read and learn, the more convinced I am that we do actually live in a Logan’s Run type of bubble. It isn’t physical, but a prison for our mind like Brave New World. We only know what we’ve been told. The rest of the outside world is as strange and different as it could be. We’ve been herded into our cubicles or even our country farms. It doesn’t matter. I think we have no idea who we are, where we are, or even WHEN we are. But we’ve definitely been indoctrinated to worship their Science god. It’s mind boggling.

  2. Siyanda

    Very interesting flip of the nephilim coin! In South Africa the locals are often very afraid of the Tokoloshe, a little knee-high entity that comes at night, for this reason you will find that most people have their bed posts sitting on bricks, to make the bed higher in order to prevent the tokoloshe from reaching them. In Ireland the locals once managed to prevent the building of a new highway, which would have had to destroy a bush said to be home to fairies. The belief there is very strong and the bush has not been touched. Fascinating topic! 🙂


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