Choosing the Law [By Forsaking the Spirit of Lawlessness] — Why I’ve Decided to Follow Jesus [By Obeying Torah]

by | Feb 18, 2019

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A LITTLE OVER A YEAR AGO I WAS CONTACTED by several separate individuals, all of whom hoped to enlist me in hampering the pervasive pestilence of the growing Torah movement by disproving the claims of its adherents. This would be easily done, I told them. After all, wasn’t the Law a curse? Wasn’t it nailed to the cross? I agreed, and told them I’d commit myself to a write-up on Paul’s claim to fame—his first epistle, Galatians—using simple, concise logic. And so I opened up Galatians and began reading.

The circumcision issue became an immediate splinter in my mind. By insisting that his Gentile converts not be circumcised by the Pharisees, hadn’t Paul disposed of the Law?

An entire year went by.

People began to wonder—why isn’t Noel writing against the Torah movement? It wasn’t for a lack of dedication. I simply couldn’t stop turning the issue over and over and over again, like an unsolved crime investigation from centuries-past. Did Paul throw out the Law, or didn’t he? I was always spoon-fed, from the time I could talk, that Paul had indeed thrown out the Law, and we weren’t to question that. His circumcision argument was proof enough, was it not? And then one day it occurred to me. What if circumcision was never about salvation?

That’s when I started calling up Torah observers on the phone. I wanted to understand their position. And I asked them: “Is this it….? If Abraham was saved by faith through grace, then Israel was too. Nothing changed. The Law itself never brought salvation. It was about circumcising the heart, which would in turn bring about obedience. Circumcising the heart always leads to obedience.”

From hundreds or thousands of miles away, it’s like I could see them beam with delight, and I might as well have heard a hand clap from their end of the receiver.

“That’s it,” they said.

They were generous with me as I attempted to wrap my head around my own misconstrued understanding of the Apostle Paul. They were kind and patient while I pulled down the wall of oral tradition—the Christian Talmud—brick by brick. It was a very tall wall. And as I did so, they challenged me to remove any number of bricks by addressing several points.

  1. How does the Bible define sin?
  2. Could I demonstrate where the dietary laws came to an end in the Bible?
  3. Could I demonstrate when the Sabbath was done away with in the Bible?
  4. Could I demonstrate when the feasts were done away with in the Bible?

I took their challenges to the Bible. This wasn’t about arguing. It was never about my own ego or religious superiority. There was no reason to pull anyone down into the mud pit of my emotions or succumb to a raging debate of intellectual dominance and arm wrestling. I simply wanted to line up with the Word. I wanted the intent of Scripture, not my wishful-thinking, to be my guide.

“So circumcise your heart, and stiffen your neck no longer (Deuteronomy 10:16).”

I’ve been a long-time Sunday observer—a long, long, long-time Sunday observer. And then last Sunday my wife and I walked out of our church, knowing it would be the final time. We tried. We really did. Our pastors message was about how the Gospels took place in the old religion. Jesus couldn’t possibly have meant so many of His instructions for us. After all, it was a cursed old religion, one which God simply wanted to save us from. It was Paul, apparently, who delivered for us the new. We simply couldn’t tolerate the stiff-necked Christian Talmud anymore. We were handing our children over to false doctrine. He was essentially telling his congregation to be disobedient to God and embrace lawlessness.

“Moreover the LORD your God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your descendants, to love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul, so that you may live (Deuteronomy 30:6).”

Yesterday we completed our very first Sabbath.

We had a camp out in the living room as a family. Read books. Fell asleep. Slept-in. Woke up and prepared breakfast as a family. Read from the Bible. Discussed what it all meant. We privately studied the Word. We played games. We walked through nature. And throughout it all, we rested.

Thank you to everyone who sent such encouraging notes, before and afterward. It was all truly touching. My family has been welcomed into a wonderful God-fearing community. A little over a year ago I attempted to prove Torah observers wrong by using the Bible.

In turn, the Bible proved me wrong.

And I am so very grateful that it did.



THIS IS THE DOOR WHERE I ENTERED IN. There is much to write about—my year in Galatians and beyond. But for now, a lack of doctrinal dispute will have to suffice. Some of my readers will immediately understand. Others won’t.

Abraham was saved through faith alone.

Decades before he was circumcised, Abraham was saved by faith through grace. Then again, Abraham was circumcised. Likewise, the Sinaitic Law was a sign of the Abrahamic Covenant and never to be confused as a condition for receiving Yahweh’s favor. Abraham had already received God’s favor. The issue of circumcision, like baptism, is for the saved, not the unsaved. Nothing in the way of salvation changed for Israel. By faith through grace, not by works. Likewise, nothing changed for the Christian. By faith through grace, not by works. In every generation it is a gift from God. Paul made this absolutely clear. In Galatians, he argued against circumcision as a means of achieving salvation. The Law could never do that. Then again, Paul circumcised Timothy. Salvation has always come through faith. Obedience follows. We must never reverse the order.

This will be repetitive for some. Most others likely glossed right over it. But God Himself was clear when He said: “So circumcise your heart, and stiffen your neck no longer (Deuteronomy 10:16).”

What is the use of circumcision if we have yet to circumcise our hearts? None at all! This is what Paul was talking about. Why would we tell someone they couldn’t accept Christ unless they first kept the Law? That’s impossible!

The Abraham Covenant shows us how to enter into a spiritual relationship with God, while the Sinaitic Covenant shows us how to stay in the right relationship with Him. The moral law is perfect. It is good. Let us delight in it! And as we constantly fail at keeping in step with the Law, we have a Master who has. How wonderful it is then that we have an advocate in our defense, Jesus Christ! He who knew no sin, who never transgressed against the Law, became a curse for us.

The Flat Earth Movement is a house divided. I have silently sat by observing so many individuals snarling at the Law of God. Their bullying tactics have been particularly directed at those who wish to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. They want to strong-arm everyone out of obedience from the Law, because they themselves wish not to keep it. Hatred fills their hearts. It is to their own undoing. God will not be mocked.

Paul once warned that the spirit of lawlessness is already at work.

I am convinced that those individuals, by hating the very Law of the Lord that David once delighted in, by hating those who also delight in the Law today, by hating those who employ it as their moral compass and guide, by hating those who love Jesus by keeping His commandments….

….in reality hate God.




  1. notchbak

    My sister and I most certainly received a blessing and much clarity from this.
    Couldnt have come at a better time…

    • Noel J. Hadley

      Thanks. I I thought about my readers and the faces of my friends before I came out with this. This was very difficult to do. I have a responsibility in what I teach, but I also knew I’d let many people down, and have already lost dear friends. More will follow suit. This issue is so divisive. But these last days are amazing, are they not? God is really bringing His children full circle back to the truth of Scripture.

  2. Vanessa

    I am blessed by your willingness to step out and share your testimony! What an eye-opening place to be. I feel so free since coming to see that God’s words— all of them — are for us even today!

  3. Ashleigh

    This message blessed me so much, brother, you have no idea! Thank you for sharing this beautiful testimony (so very close to that of me and my husband!) Everything becomes so simple yet at the same time Scripture opens up and has such a deeper meaning. The whole Word of God becomes one fluid book. We started keeping His feasts last Passover and Sabbath maybe a month or so before that. What a blessing it has all been in our lives! We will be lifting you and your family up in prayer during this time.

  4. Carolyn

    I am weeping right now. As a person who escaped a sabbath, holy day, no pig eating cult full of the most hypocritical, self righteous, Jesus hating, pseudo Christians into the glorious truth of his saving grace, I am saddened. I lost almost everythin including my marriage to be free of this bondage. Yes the sabbath was a nice break away from the world and fake Christianity, but the sabbath is a type of our eternal rest in Christ. The holydays a picture of salvation fulfilled in His sacrifice. Circumscision is of the heart. These Old Testament rituals looked forward to the reality of the future sacrifice of our dear saviour. I fear Noel that you will learn a very hard truth. Look into the so call restorative truths of Herbert W Armstrong’s Worlwide Church Of God and it’s doctrines and know that this church was purely demonic and full of the most heinous bullying,sexual sins and denigration of human beings,deceived into following these same doctrines you are espousing. Inwas high up in this “church” so know what I am talking about. I escaped with my children. Does that mean I am a liberal, immoral person – of coarse not. But the keeping of all these old tesatament types detracts from the reality that is Christ. It was a picture, a type of his glorious reality. Study Hebrews 4 carefully. We who believe enter his rest – his eternal rest – the fulfillmentvof the sabbath day. Jews, seventh day adventists, Hebrew roots followers keep the day. I would rather be circumcised of heart and enter his Sabbath rest fulfilled on the cross. By the way I do not believe that Sunday is the new Sabbath. The Sabbath is Christ in whom we rest. We should rest in Him every day of the week – every moment of every day. You should remember his holiday plan of salvation is fulfilled by Him always, every day.

    • Juda Ibarra

      I agree with Carolyn, it was truly sad reading this article. I will pray for you and your family brother. We received the Spirit by the hearing of faith and are made perfect by that same Spirit, not by the works of the law. Love you in Christ, keep scrutinizing the scriptures on this subject just as we all should.

    • jennacar

      I’m sorry for whatever you went through, but you need to separate flawed human beings from the outworking of being law abiding. We “old testament types” just believe what is in the Scriptures–you know, like those horrible wretched Bereans–who, by the way, aren’t recorded as finding any discrepancies between what Paul taught and the Scriptures (again, that dreary “old” testament is all they had).
      And as far as hateful, you also should read up on Christianity–say–1200 to 1600AD–when it was against the law and you would be burned as a heretic for HAVING a bible, when it was okay to burn a pregnant woman if she had not attended church of a Sunday (look up Perotine Massey who actually birthed her child as she died by burning–then they tossed the baby back onto the flames, too). Did you know that “good Christians who kept Sunday” strangled Wycliffe and then burned him, dug up his bones 40 years later, burned those, and with glee threw the ashes into the Swift River? PS: If you sabbathed every single day, you’re STARVE. It’s a day to not work.

  5. Carl


  6. dolittlegardening

    Congratulations on being honest with Scripture. Now the hard part begins .

  7. mommamomma918

    The sabbath and holy days that I’ve celebrated for a little over a year now, have not been a burden, they’ve been a blessing! I love what you’ve written here.

  8. jennacar

    Your Sabbath sounds amazing. I don’t have a household to Shabbat with, unfortunately, but it’s always with YHWH so it’s all good. Read Psalm 119 and find out all the wonderful things that the instructions of the Creator are characterized as being–so, so good.
    Come on over to my blog at Hope and Hesed sometime. 🙂 Shalom!

  9. Marcus G

    Great to read this after seeing it on YouTube today. It’s always a blessing, an encouragement and amazing to see how YHWH changes our thoughts and attitudes when we actually allow Him to show us something that’s outside our pre-trained minds.

    Blessings to you and your family, and keep your eyes on Messiah as you face a lot of misunderstanding from others.

  10. Benito

    Interesting… what a turn around in a few short years. I remember you as a Sola Scriptura champion. And now what? Chasing after “Filthy Lucre” at a flat Earth Conference? Turning your back on the one who free us from the law because He alone could fulfill it. A puff piece about that charlatan Pat Steere. No wonder when I asked you about the bible changes you denounced them as not occurring. You have been blinded. I haven’t been to your page for some time and today I check up on you and I’m sitting here going through recent articles going “What is GOING ON here?!?” It’s kind of heartbreaking man. It’s like the person who wrote those early articles and books no longer exists and something else has stepped into your profile. I used to admire your hardline stance back in 2017. I don’t even know what is going on any more. I don’t even want your books in my home any longer. I really hope that the spirit that drove you early on is renewed and you set yourself apart again. I hope you find your way back to the narrow path.

  11. cheryl

    Rev_2:2 “I know all the things you do. I have seen your hard work and your patient endurance. I know you don’t tolerate evil people. You have examined the claims of those who say they are apostles but are not. You have discovered they are liars.

    Joh_14:10 Don’t you believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me? The words I speak are not My own, but My Father who lives in Me does His work through Me.
    Joh_14:24 Anyone who doesn’t love Me will not obey Me. And remember, My words are not My own. What I am telling you is from the Father who sent Me.


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