The Unexpected Cosmology

RIP Federal Reserve | Q-Anon & the Illusion of Choice - R.I.P. Federal Reserve (1913-2020) It would feel pretty good, wouldn’t it?

Is Tom Hanks in the Black Eye Club? - It’s been dubbed “The Black Eye Club,” and so far as I can tell, we’re witnessing a completely new phenomena, even for secret societies. It’s almost like “Fight Club” told us this would happen in 1999, because suddenly politicians, elite entrepreneurs, musicians, and actors are showing up to work with black eyes and lame excuses.

MIT & “the New Normal” | AKA, a World Ruled by SCIENTISM - And here it is. According to a report in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, first published on March 5, 2020, 80% of those infected with COVID-19 in China were “false positives.”

Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs | TESTAMENT OF NAPHTALI (Prophecy) - TESTAMENT OF NAPHTALI The Eighth Son of Jacob and Bilhah. CHAPTER 1 Naphtali, the eighth son of Jacob and Bilhah. The Runner. A lesson in physiology. THE COPY OF THE TESTAMENT OF NAPHTALI, which he ordained at the time of his death in the hundred and thirtieth year of his life. 2 When his sons […]

Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs | TESTAMENT OF ZEBULUN (The Plot Against Joseph) - TESTAMENT OF ZEBULUN The Sixth Son of Jacob and Leah. CHAPTER 1 Zebulun, the sixth son of Jacob and Leah. The inventor and philanthropist., What he learned as a result of the plot against Joseph. THE COPY OF THE WORDS OF ZEBULUN, which he enjoined on his sons before he died in the hundred and […]

Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs | TESTAMENT OF JUDAH (Spirit of Drunkeness) - TESTAMENT OF JUDAH The Fourth Son of Jacob and Leah. CHAPTER 1 Judah, the fourth son of Jacob and Leah. He is the giant, athlete, warrior; he recounts heroic deeds. He runs so fast that he can outstrip a hind. THE COPY OF THE WORDS OF JUDAH, what things he spake to his sons before […]

Edits… Edits… Edits… - THE KIDS CALL THEM “UNBOXING PARTIES,” I THINK.  Whatever, it was a box on my doorstep, and we were all eager to discover what was inside. My twin sons ceremoniously took part in the opening. But for four-year olds, pomp and circumstance can be attributed to tying one’s shoes. Anything and everything deserves to be […]

The Gumshoe & Bill Cosby | “For Nothing Is Secret that Shall Not Be Known…” - WATCHING A DISGRACED 81 YEAR-OLD BILL COSBY—holding his cane while handcuffed and led to prison for what may prove to be the remainder of his life—brought me absolutely no satisfaction. His crime is certainly not justifiable by any social or moral standard. The law rightly requires that he pay for what he has done. But for […]

“Accepting Christ…” The Eternal Elixir of Easy Believism (aka the Hole in the Bridge Where Millions Fall Through) - ACCEPTING CHRIST…HERE IS “THE HOLE IN THE BRIDGE where millions fall through,” warned A.W. Tozer. To the astonishment of a great many people, “accepting Christ” as a choice of wording cannot be found anywhere in the Bible—nor can the “heart invitation” which has captivated audiences. Those who wish to gamble their souls will not be […]

“She Went Chipping Rocks with a Small Geological Hammer” | Highly Educated—M. A. Buxton (a Flat Earth Poem) -   MISS PALLAS EUDORA VON BLURKY Who didn’t know chicken from turkey, High Spanish and Greek She could fluently speak. But her knowledge of poultry was murky.   She could name the great-uncle of Moses, The dates of the Wars of the Roses, The reason of things. Why the Indians wore rings through their red […]