TUC Magazine now accepting submissions!

MY name is Noel Joshua Hadley. I am the creator, head writer, Editor-In-Chief, and all around Big Enchilada here at The Unexpected Cosmology. TUC is not only an online Journal, it is is now a Magazine delivered directly to your door. It is a monthly Magazine though...

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When False Prophets Speak the Truth

16 Then the Yahudiym and the elders and the priests, perceiving what evil they had done to themselves, began to lament and say: Woe for our sins; the judgement has drawn nigh, and the end of Yerushalayim. Besorah Kepha [The Gospel of Peter] 16THERE they go prophesying...

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The Lost Tribes of Tartaria

THE conspiracy this time around is that Tartaria has been scrubbed from His-Story but that’s not nearly the whole of it. Many will throw names like Nikola Tesla at your feet and claim it was free energy they were attempting to suppress, which by all indications is...

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