The Unexpected Cosmology

Captain EO and Freemasonry: The Key To Unlocking the Beauty Within - HERE is another olddie but goodie which is pulled from the shelf, dusted off, and upddated for your reading pleasure. It has been my goal to convert all of my articles into PDF files for my serial readers and TUC subscribers but that is a behemoth task, seeing as how each one requires TLC. ‘Captain […]

Total Recall: MK-Ultra, Antiquitech, & Free Energy - EVERYBODY’S favorite Astro-not Buzz Aldrin has a very limited wardrobe, it seems. I hadn’t the faintest clue how deprived of variety it was until my latest reconnaissance mission in the Intel-net, which I just so happen to have completed a few minutes ago. You’ve probably seen the one where Buzzy-Buzz Hush Lips rips open his […]

Origins of Baphomet: Templars, Tartaria, Millennial Kingdom, & Mosques - THERE is always going to be opposition to any new idea put forward, though I think of these outings as a search for the Mysteries, ancient Truths which have been hidden from us, and also, a study in controlled opposition. My recent suggestion that the two fingers pointing heavenward in Medieval artwork (that it referenced […]

The Narnia Reset: Tartaria, Millennial Kingdom, Multiverse, and Recreation in ‘The Magician’s Nephew’ - JUST yesterday I wrote a paper on the Multiverse as it pertains to science fiction writer Philip K. Dick and the very first Mandela Effect, which just so happens to be the long-lost Millennial Kingdom of Yahusha HaMashiach. It’s the one where, amazingly, much of what I’ve been researching over the last few years has […]

The Millennial Kingdom Already Happened: Philip K. Dick & the First Mandela Effect - EVERYONE seems to think Nelson Mandela was the first Mandela Effect, but then what about Hitler winning the War? I bet you forgot about that one already. Philip K. Dick wrote about it in his 1962 novel, ‘The Man in the High Castle.’ It wasn’t simply a matter of science fiction though. No, for Dick […]

The Splitting of the Mount of Olives & the Glorious Appearing In 70 AD - IT isn’t split down the middle so far as I can tell. Do you see a split? I don’t. My eyesight is still pretty good, though if yours happens to soar beyond the 20/20 rule, then do tell. On closer inspection, there is a road which seemingly divides the north and south slopes of the […]

Unexpected Memes: The Mexico Alien Hoax -

Vesica Piscis: The Sacred Divine In Millennial Kingdom Architecture - A funny thing happened on the way to the seashore. Shim’on Kepha pulled in the net and began calculating the great many fish that he’d caught. 153 was the final tally. That’s a very specific number. I mean, Yochanon likely seized various numbers of fish on any given day and on countless expeditions throughout his […]

TUC Magazine Issue 005 October 2023 Release! - 001 June 2023 003 August 2023 003 August 2023 004 September 2023 005 October 2023 Subscribe to TUC Magazine Might I suggest a monthly membership? TUC Magazine delivered to your mailbox or doorstep. I’m dedicated to a minimal of 12 issues and this is just another way that you can support this growing ministry. If […]

Biblical Parenting: A Torah Beginners Guide - There is so much parenting advice floating around these days. From pregnancy onwards, well-meaning friends and family feel the need to load you with all their opinions, advice and parenting hacks. From whether or not to vaccinate, to schooling options, what to wear, what to feed children, breastfeeding or formula, and the list just goes […]